Way To Go TSA!

We all know that the TSA is a mess but this soldier’s story says it all as he concludes “What happened to our country while we were gone?”

TSA US Military

Email Image courtesy of Sgt. Mad Dog Tracy (US Armed Forces)

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  1. Ben Dover… I dont’ think it’s the fault of the rank-and-file TSA employee…. if the guy had let him keep his nail clippers, or not swabbed them, some mid-level TSA manager would have been all up in his a$$. It’s the stupid rules themselves that are the problem, not the poor dweeb stuck enforcing the stupid things.

    I’m not saying that the TSA is filled with brain surgeons… but I seriously doubt they have been given the leeway to use common sense (assuming they have some). It’s another government agency, run like ALL government agencies…. by people who have never been in the real world, making a real living.

  2. Me and my USAF family left Afghanistan. We were all taken like criminals into a room where U.S. military customs took things like multi-tools, pocket knives, and DVDs bought from the on-base Hajji market. This was all done in the name of someone’s “security” measure(s). The best part…the Dutch walked right onto their military aircraft like the heroes their country loves.

  3. This has to be fake. I looked up TSA procedures myself, they don’t allow the soldiers to carry their firearms. Check the site if you don’t believe me.

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