Way To Go TSA!

We all know that the TSA is a mess but this soldier’s story says it all as he concludes “What happened to our country while we were gone?”

TSA US Military

Email Image courtesy of Sgt. Mad Dog Tracy (US Armed Forces)

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  1. FAKE STORY, NOT !!! and I will tell you why, When I was in the U.S. ARMY President Reagan sent my unit from SEA-TAC airport to another city and we were COMBAT ready to fight when we landed, so they put us on a delta MD11 or some big as plane and I asked why are we not on a C-130 and i was told that the military don’t have enough plans for it’s troops so we have to take over a civilian plane, and as we walked threw the medal detectors we were carrying our M-16 and EVERYTHING but they were still trying to find the hidden stuff i guess (drugs)…………………………….Elect Harold Miller 4 San Francisco mayor in 2011

  2. I do not think this is fake I only see one flaw. I have been in the Marine Corps for six years now and have deployed 3 times. I have had to go through security when we left main waiting area. However the one thing I noticed is they say they had their weapons. Maybe this is the case but all my deployments we have had to leave them on the plane. I highly doubt the command allowed weapons to be carried in the airport.

  3. I have deployed and yes, I had an automatic weapon on a commercial plane. It was not a flight for civilians, it was chartered through Jet Blue or American Airlines. We still go through screeners and customs and they are ridiculous. So this isn’t silly or fake. The funniest part is on the way home, they screened us after we finished the 14 hour flight. What were they going to do? Not let us fly? So, stop trolling and saying fake if you do not know what you are talking about.

  4. This doesn’t surprise me. Think about the kind of person who decides to become a TSA agent. They’re low level, non-thinking people who make barely more than minimum wage.

  5. I believe this story. One thing I find amazing about our situation in this country is that there is such a big flap about “privacy” and yet so many of our personal freedoms have disappeared in the past decade. Fear is being promoted by the media and the powers that be to make us more compliant and willing to put up with this type of behavior. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that we all need to feel secure in our travels, but these restrictions are ridiculous; nail clippers indeed!

  6. Ben Dover… I dont’ think it’s the fault of the rank-and-file TSA employee…. if the guy had let him keep his nail clippers, or not swabbed them, some mid-level TSA manager would have been all up in his a$$. It’s the stupid rules themselves that are the problem, not the poor dweeb stuck enforcing the stupid things.

    I’m not saying that the TSA is filled with brain surgeons… but I seriously doubt they have been given the leeway to use common sense (assuming they have some). It’s another government agency, run like ALL government agencies…. by people who have never been in the real world, making a real living.

  7. Me and my USAF family left Afghanistan. We were all taken like criminals into a room where U.S. military customs took things like multi-tools, pocket knives, and DVDs bought from the on-base Hajji market. This was all done in the name of someone’s “security” measure(s). The best part…the Dutch walked right onto their military aircraft like the heroes their country loves.

  8. This has to be fake. I looked up TSA procedures myself, they don’t allow the soldiers to carry their firearms. Check the site if you don’t believe me.

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