This is why we’re fat


The Texas Rangers are in the 2010 MLB Playoffs and this has sent the price of tickets soaring, however some Texas Rangers suite rentals are allowing single admission.

Image source: Imgur via @TicketRadio


  1. Looks delicious. where is this @?

  2. Can I get it breaded and deep fried, please?

  3. Thats TERRIBLE..AMERICA HAS PROBLEMS!….. where can I get one?!?!

  4. fast foods are really fast to add few pounds. They are addictive and more you eat more you like to eat. One of my client, wanted to add extra pounds at her chest so she ate enough fast food and soda water. But, all those fats deposited at tummy and arms not where she intended.

  5. SomeChubbyGuy says:

    This makes me happy. And fatter. Can you gain weight by ocular ingestion? I feel like I’ve gained 10 lbs just looking at it.

  6. Hmmm. now that is something I’d like to make the american police eat from now on. instead of just donuts.

  7. it is made to look good so you cant resist it,its that old saying your eyes are bigger
    than your belly.

  8. notamerican says:


  9. Actually looks pretty good. I am fat.

  10. The Luther burger.

  11. Thats nasty, whats wrong with people….anyone who eats this is so white trash

  12. This was available at the Eastern States Exposition in W. Springfield, MA. They hold the Big E during the last two weeks of September. I’m sure they have it elsewhere, but I know for certain it’s there.

  13. they have these at the fair in winston-salem, nc (where krispey kreme started) and they are DELICIOUS!

  14. Like Paul said, its the Luther burger. Named after Luther Vandros. Available at all Gateway Grizzlies games. Located in beautiful Sauget IL, across the river from St. Louis.

  15. This is at the Tulsa State Fair.

  16. Actually, this is probably at the Texas State Fair.

  17. yum, so did paula deen invent the donut bacon egg burger? or did these red neck?

    here’s paula deen making the donut burger on her food network show:

  18. mmm… donuts!

  19. Tulsa state fair, had one last night. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!

  20. This was probably when they served it at the Wisconsin State Fair. I’ve heard from friends it was delicious.

  21. I think this is at the Mississippi State Fair in Jackson. I was there yesterday and actually had one, and believe it or not, they’re pretty delicious. Of course no matter how many napkins I used on my face, I still can’t wipe off the shame.

  22. -“You want cigarettes on that sandwich?”

    -“What do I look like a Mary? Of course I want cigarettes on that sandwich!”

  23. Paula Deen’s fat ass would probably eat 2 of these in a row

  24. I enjoy, lead to I found exactly what I was looking for.

    You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day.


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