by w4l3XzY3

by w4l3XzY3

Happy Cheese Grater is Happy

happiest-cheese-graterImage source: Imgur via Reddit

False Advertising

false advertising

Wow, he is truly moved by the word of the Lord.

I think that bible may be magic.

animated gif pastor flying

Jeremy Piven sums up how we all feel about Rebecca Black

jeremy piven reacts to rebecca black friday gifGIF source: Here via Reddit

The Booby Bartender (NSFwait, what?)

bartender boobs from benny hill showGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

Ah, I see what they did there. Benny Hill Show…you so funny.

Uh huh…suuuure that’s your real name

mike-litorisImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Regardless, come on over here Mr. Litoris. I’d like to introduce you to my other friend named Mike. His last name is Hunt. You two will get along really well I’m sure.

Bathroom graffiti at its finest

drunk-octopus-wants-to-fight-youImage source: Imgur via Reddit


peter-pan-rapistImage source: Vacant Eyes via Imgur via Reddit

Seriously, when I clicked on this while browsing Reddit,
I laughed out loud harder than I have in a long time.

Nice work, whoever created this clever little bit of Internet goodness.

And if you don’t get it…well you need to surf the web more.

The Amazing Sweet Lemonade Quilt

The woman who made this quilt just became my new personal hero.

sweet-lemonade-quiltImage source: Imgur

[And a huge shoutout to Reddit user psychonumber1 whose wife made the amazing quilt
and is actually considering making more and selling them. Go here
and convince her to do so!]

If you can’t understand why this quilt is so amazing,
you clearly do not waste enough time on the Internet.

Regardless, here is your answer:

Note: If for some reason the video isn’t appearing above, click here.

Carrots glazed with WHAT!?

Behold: the most unfortunately truncated URL…ever.


Screenshot taken from

Easily one of the most clever fan signs ever at a sporting event


Source: Imgur

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