Can someone explain how “Hershey’s + Calcium” has 0% calcium?

John Pozadzides, the one man behind One Man’s Blog, recently posed the question above in reference to the picture below.

hersheys-with-calcium-no-calciumImage source: Facebook

I can’t explain it. Can you?

Update: It appears that there is an explanation…or so they say.

Baking a smiley pie is so easy it’s “Child’s Play”

A Redditor tried to make a “smiley face blackberry pie“. A cute idea, right?

Well, the result is what you see below.

Image source: Imgur

As described in the Reddit post, “the result was the creepiest fucking thing ever to come out of an oven.” I concur.

In fact, my first thought when I saw the thumbnail of this picture, before even reading the title, was this:

Notice the resemblance?

I loved this comment: “Stab it. Repeatedly. Right now.” Indeed.

Talking dirty never tasted so good.

creative-foreplayImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Cafe at my office…you’re doing it wrong

Either you’re mistaken on what this means, or you’re guilty of blatantly false advertising.


Bless their hearts, the two ladies who run the cafe do not speak English as their first language, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Still, I lol’d when I saw this.

Who else used to tag along on trips to the grocery store just for these?


I was at Target with my girlfriend tonight and I saw Barnum’s Animal Crackers while we were walking. I instantly had a hankering, as I do about once a year or so when I happen upon them at a store…so I bought a box. After gorging all of the crackers in about 47.9 seconds, I was thoroughly satiated and remembered exactly why Barnum’s Animals are the greatest cookie treat in the world. Nothing compares. Ever.

Carrots glazed with WHAT!?

Behold: the most unfortunately truncated URL…ever.


Screenshot taken from