The Best Food Porn Pic Ever

Duck + Duckface + Massive Unintentional Spillage = Epic Victory

best-food-porn-pic-everImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Perfectly Acceptable Timeless, Classic Duckface

marilyn-monroe-duckfaceImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Now that you’ve seen the picture of the timeless, peerless Marilyn Monroe, a couple quick things:

  1. An argument could be made, as it was here, that this is not actually duckface. Miss Marilyn actually appears to be acting out a kiss for the camera, but just happens to have been captured in a duckface-style pose. Do I care? No. It’s a picture of Marilyn Monroe, so I won’t offer up excuses for posting it.
  2. If you are somehow unfamiliar duckeface, click here. That will clear up the phenomenon for you.
  3. And finally, yes a very easy joke could be made about changing the “D” in duckface to make the description more familiar. I won’t make it. I think you know what I mean.

Epic Doucheface

Remember Epic Duckface? Below is the male version.

epic-doucheface-male-version-of-duckfaceSource: Imgur via Reddit

Duckface – Corporate Slimeball Edition

mark-hurd-corporate-duckfaceImage source / post idea credit: Reuters, Imgur, Reddit

Mark Hurd was recently ousted as the CEO of HP amid claims of sexual harassment and document falsification.

But it’s not all bad for Mr. Hurd!

Today, he is officially inducted into the Picchore Duckface Hall of Fame (along with this young lady) for the picture above.

Congratulations, you lying slimeball.