Baking a smiley pie is so easy it’s “Child’s Play”

A Redditor tried to make a “smiley face blackberry pie“. A cute idea, right?

Well, the result is what you see below.

Image source: Imgur

As described in the Reddit post, “the result was the creepiest fucking thing ever to come out of an oven.” I concur.

In fact, my first thought when I saw the thumbnail of this picture, before even reading the title, was this:

Notice the resemblance?

I loved this comment: “Stab it. Repeatedly. Right now.” Indeed.

The Greatest (and Creepiest) Tattoo Ever

This man truly has eyes in the back of his…well you get the idea.

greatest-tattoo-ever-creepiestImage source: Imgur via Reddit

For some reason, this tattoo reminds me of that old Maxwell/MJ song…”I always feel like, somebody’s waaaatching meeeee…..”