This may be the most incredible animated GIF ever.

Yes, I know it’s an oldie. But it’s an all-time goodie.

incredible-animated-gif-truck-crashes-into-and-collapses-bank-roofGIF source: Imgur via well, Everywhere (seriously, this animated GIF may actually predate the Internet.)

Okay, so you may be wondering how I can call this animated GIF a “goodie” when a) clearly someone is driving the truck and b) clearly there is no way they emerged unharmed from this horrific accident.

Well, shockingly, the driver did emerge unharmed, along with his 8-year old son. Let’s just say that it looks a lot worse than it actually was because of the angle of the video used to create this GIF.


So see? Now you can stare at this GIF in amazement and even pass it around to your friends, knowing that no one was injured or killed. (Actually, knowing the Internet, giving you the full story might make you less likely to do so…)