Rather mesmerizing face-morphing GIF of assorted celebrities

It does indeed look like they’re chewing.

all-the-celebritiesImage source: Here via Reddit

Now, you’re challenge, should you choose to accept it: list all of the celebrities featured in this GIF. The comment section awaits your intrepid efforts.

Who says today’s women are prettier or sexier?

I offer this picture of the peerless Brigitte Bardot as evidence to the contrary.

brigitte-bardotImage source: CelebToast.com

Not convinced? Here’s one more:

brigitte-bardot-2Image Source: Fake Hustle

And if you still need more convincing, click here. It’ll be the best ten minutes of your day.

Guess what? He’s got a fever; and the only prescription…

…is, um, putting on a shirt?

christopher-walken-youngImage source: Celebtoast.com

Yes folks, the fresh faced and shirtless man above would one day become…the great Bruce Dickinson.