The Booby Bartender (NSFwait, what?)

bartender boobs from benny hill showGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

Ah, I see what they did there. Benny Hill Show…you so funny.

These two silly folks are a couple of boobs.

couple-of-boobsImage source: Here via Reddit

They are also a very, very clever Halloween costume. Well played you two. You giant pair of boobs.

This picture sucks…

…but the inverse would be pretty nice.

danica-signs-boobsImage source: AdRants via Hot Clicks

Nefarious Boobs [animated GIF]

This little kid just learned a valuable lesson about boobs early in life:

kid bounces off boobs

Though they seem inviting,

and your first instinct will always be to run after them at full speed with a smile on your face,

be careful…

Women know how to use them, and not always for good.


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but we’re doing some backend and frontend work there; this gif was too funny to wait to post though.]