Napkins? We don’t need no stinking napkins!

Just one more example of a dog being wonderful, useful, and just plain awesome. via Reddit

But pageviews, we do need stinking pageviews…and here is a great plugin for tracking pageviews by author.


GIF source: MSF

Oh, or maybe he’s saying something else…

The “Gut Check GIF” gets me every time

Those of us getting up there in years and pounds can definitely relate with this.

gut-check-gifGIF source: via Reddit

So what do you guys think we should–OHMYGOD GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!


GIF source: via Imgur via Reddit

Who knows what they said. But I was probably something like that.

[Note: I have no clue what the story behind this or how the men fared afterwards. If anyone knows, drop a link.]

Florida is getting some…

…rain. It’s getting some rain.

florida-getting-some-gifGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

Or a Doppler hanj. One of the two.

When you see it, you’ll be like…


extreme froggerGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

That is one lucky, extreme-frogger-playing, fate-tempting son of a bitch.

Some people are too dumb for words

But perfectly dumb for an amusing animated GIF. Bravo, moron.

idiot opens car door in car washGIF source: Imgur via Reddit


This is not unlike what happens when I order a pizza and it finally arrives at the door.

fish-eating-shark-gifGIF source: via Reddit

BTW, anyone know what kind of fish that is?

Jeremy Piven sums up how we all feel about Rebecca Black

jeremy piven reacts to rebecca black friday gifGIF source: Here via Reddit

The Booby Bartender (NSFwait, what?)

bartender boobs from benny hill showGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

Ah, I see what they did there. Benny Hill Show…you so funny.


talented hooters waitressGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

The next time someone suggets that only bimbos work at Hooters, show them this! It is obvious proof to the contrary. Such talent, skill, and coordination!

Outstanding Carl Sagan / Old Spice Mashup GIF

This may be my new favorite animated GIF. Well done.

carl sagan old spice mashup gifGIF sources: FriendlyAtheist & Discover Magazine

The Greatest (GIF) Story Ever Told

Watch it until the end. It’s worth the minute or so time investment.

greatest-gif-story-everGIF source: Tumblr via Reddit

Is this the funniest sports-related animated GIF ever?

funniest sports animated gif everGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

This one is definitely among the best ever. Is it the best?

Leave your opinions (and links to your favorites) in the comment section.

Baby’s first – and probably last – grapefruit

When it comes to animated GIFs, this is a classic among classics.

baby eats first grapefruit animated gifGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

I love this still image:


I think Todd Haley likes how she is consuming that sausage.

todd haley sausage animated gifGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

BTW, for those of you who are not sports fans, Todd Haley (the buffoon hopping around) is the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. He is a notorious prick who acts like a child and treats his assistant coaches and players like children. But damn does he enjoy watching an attractive woman place a piece of sausage in her mouth. It figures.

Wait for it…

the-shining-jackImage source: Imgur via Reddit

For more of these awesome animated GIFs, go here:

The Legendary Donald Rumsfeld Animated GIF

epic donald rumsfeld animated gif

GIF source: Imgur via Reddit

This is one of the most epic animated GIFs ever to circulate through the Interwebs.┬áThe GIF is taken from an episode of the Craig Ferguson Show. The video is funny, but to me it’s so much funnier as a GIF. I know many of you have probably already seen it, but I had to post. It cracks me up every time.

This may be the most incredible animated GIF ever.

Yes, I know it’s an oldie. But it’s an all-time goodie.

incredible-animated-gif-truck-crashes-into-and-collapses-bank-roofGIF source: Imgur via well, Everywhere (seriously, this animated GIF may actually predate the Internet.)

Okay, so you may be wondering how I can call this animated GIF a “goodie” when a) clearly someone is driving the truck and b) clearly there is no way they emerged unharmed from this horrific accident.

Well, shockingly, the driver did emerge unharmed, along with his 8-year old son. Let’s just say that it looks a lot worse than it actually was because of the angle of the video used to create this GIF.


So see? Now you can stare at this GIF in amazement and even pass it around to your friends, knowing that no one was injured or killed. (Actually, knowing the Internet, giving you the full story might make you less likely to do so…)



This little kid is on the fast track to being a jackwagon.

little-kid-blows-out-sisters-birthday-candle-jackwagonImage source: Imgur via Reddit