President Obama prepares to veto some cupcakes

obama-cupcakesImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Take note of the direction of Obama’s steely gaze. It’s to the right. Coincidence?

And notice that Obama’s glare is directed not in the direction of the black cupcakes, which are in the minority on the plate. Rather, the subject of his ire appears to be the white cupcakes, which are in the majority on the plate and which are obviously trying to squeeze the black cupcakes off.

Hmm…so Obama’s mad at the whites on the right…

Quick! Someone send this picture to Rush! Get Mark Levin on the phone! Tell Sean Hannity to stop looking in the mirror and look here! This photo is clearly definitive proof that Obama is a racist radical partisan who is unfit to lead so much as a birthday party.

Or, is his glare simply the manifestation of a moment of reflection about how his own birthday celebrations are mysteries shrouded in lies since he, you know, wasn’t born in the U.S. Hmm….

[Editor’s note: just to make this clear, I’ll append this post with the proper twitter hashtag: #sarcasm]

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