This is definitely the coolest car dealership ever.

harrison-ford-dealershipImage source: Imgur via Reddit

First off, yes, I realize that their “s” is upside down. Why? I don’t know. Secondly, no I am not sure where this picture was taken, but I am assuming that it is probably one of the Harrison (or Harrisonburg) Ford dealerships listed here.

And finally, if you don’t realize why this Ford dealership is the most badass Ford dealership of all-time, I would like to politely request that you get off my blog!


  1. No, I don’t realize why this is a “badass” dealership/ Because their “S”S is upside down. A blog this stupid isn’t worth visiting anyway. Get off my internet!

  2. Ohh, I get it. Harrison Ford. Like the actor… lame.

  3. Lame, very lame. Don’t worry, I am off your blog and will never return. Because it sucks.

  4. Well thanks for coming. Sorry it’s not a place that appeals to you, but we appreciate the visit!

  5. And also, remember that “get off my blog” was a play on the line in Air Force One “get off my plane”. We don’t really want you to leave!

  6. Some people are jerks. This picture made me smile!

  7. This neither interesting or funny. Really hard up for content are you?

  8. Also, you earned a thumbsdown in StumbleUpon, which is how I got here.

  9. No, I just thought it was interesting. I’m sorry you didn’t.

  10. Well, that’s what you’re supposed to do on SU when you don’t like something! So no worries.

  11. Allison says:

    Why is everyone bashing you? I enjoyed your blog tonight. Totally kept me from completing a paper that was due yesterday. People are such assholes. ^^^Perhaps you all should start a blog of your own if you’re so damn e-knowledgeable? K, cool.

  12. OMG!!! a harrison ford reference car dealership!!! OMG!!! this is… umm. not all that great to be honest. its just like any other car dealership. if they had a ford GT in the picture it be a little better… but not by much.

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