The Fresh Prince of Hot Air

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Seriously, whether you like President Obama or not (and good luck scrolling through the archives here and trying to pinpoint our position) you have to admit the man talks a lot and isn’t always substantive — hence the “hot air”.

Hmm, so let’s see, how can I tie Obama and the Fresh Prince together so this random but epic GIF is relevant.

I know!


In west Honolulu, born and raised (supposedly…).

Organizing communities is how I spent most of my days,

Chilling out, Marxing, relaxing all cool,

And I’m shooting some bball to not be such a tool,

When a couple of guys, named Bush and Cheney,

Starting making trouble in my country,

I gave one little speech and the left got scared,

And I got voted into office without being prepared.


I could go on but you get the picture.

(This one’s for you Digg Patriots!)


  1. >how can I tie Obama and the Fresh Prince together

    I think that speaks to what your position about the President is.

  2. Jordan Hardy says:

    Seriously? Really? Why do people buy into this propaganda that the president talks a lot and does nothing? Do some actual research. You may or may not agree with his political opinions, but he does stuff.

  3. Jordan Hardy says:

    Also, racism isn’t funny.

  4. Funny isn’t it, a site that essentially peddles spam, trying to be ethically aware.

  5. Evanescence says:

    You people get over yourselves. If this had been a comic about Bush or any other Republican you would’ve laughed your a$$es off. Obama might be the sacred savior to some of you but to the other half of America he is an ordinary and deeply flawed man.

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