Lettering for “The Princess Bride” 20th Anniversary Edition is…Inconceivable!


Source: The Chive

Markland Hanley


  1. It’s a rotational ambigram. Wikipedia has the details.

  2. whoaw, I didn’t know that it was an ambigram.

  3. Except the word bride looks like uncle to me :S I work at a video store and i’ve seen this cover quite a few times and realized right away which movie it was… but I still read uncle every time… drives me nuts.

  4. “The princes uncle” huh. . . I kinda get the creepy feeling that movie would involve child molesting

  5. dammit, aera. i can’t unsee “uncle”!

  6. Look very closely at the dvd and one will notice that the upside down couple and the right side up couple, aren’t the same couple.
    I do love this movie though, and the cover was a good idea.

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