Why Health Insurance is still Unaffordable (Infographic)

As health insurance premiums continue to soar in the slumping economy, more Americans are finding themselves unable to afford health insurance. But why are insurance costs rising? Find out below.

Unaffordable Insurance
Created by: Medical Billing and Coding Certification


  1. The one big item missed is PAYING FOR EVERYTHING. If you buy your own condom, it costs about 75 cents. If the government or insurance company buys it for you, with all associated paperwork and the system and personnel set up to do it, that 75-cent condom costs nearly $6. So insurance costs more to make up for that. You and everybody else pay more in premiums so you can have the insurance company GIVE you a FREE condom.
    If you demand a prescription for 800 mg ibuprofen, it costs the insurance company (and ultimately you) a whole lot more than if you bought a bottle of generic 200mg ibuprofen at Walmart and took 4 of them.
    Insurance was designed to pay for unpredictable catastrophic medical expenses that individuals couldn’t cover. When used to cover predictable everyday expenses, the cost skyrockets. This is simple math and logic.

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