The Amazing Sweet Lemonade Quilt

The woman who made this quilt just became my new personal hero.

sweet-lemonade-quiltImage source: Imgur

[And a huge shoutout to Reddit user psychonumber1 whose wife made the amazing quilt
and is actually considering making more and selling them. Go here
and convince her to do so!]

If you can’t understand why this quilt is so amazing,
you clearly do not waste enough time on the Internet.

Regardless, here is your answer:

Note: If for some reason the video isn’t appearing above, click here.


  1. thanks for giving credit 🙂

  2. Excellent post.
    It’s so nice to see someone not assuming every reader automatically knows what you are talking about and then to go one further and actually give credit. Well done. You are an example others will be too lazy to follow. How can such a moronic clip be so damn amusing?

  3. Behind the kitty are paw prints to set the tone for this
    wallpaper. Laughter is a complex phenomenon and standard recipes do not usually apply.
    s why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

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