Future Genius

future geniusImage source: Imgur via Reddit

As you can tell, the baby in the gif above is clearly a future genius. The question is: are you? The upcoming NCAA Tournament during March Madness will give you a chance to find out. Start preparing your bracket now.


  1. Aaaaand parent of the year award goes to the idiot who videotaped their kid breaking his neck.

  2. lol fucking stupid kid only using one pillow. Future democrat is more like it.

  3. Bobby B. Bobberson says:

    Did he died?

  4. Robert R. Robertson says:

    Future jail breaker more like it

  5. Man, you sure can tell he’s going to be a democrat by using a pillow to climb over a baby gate.

  6. philyobob says:

    HAHA democrat!!!!!

  7. cool baby

  8. outside_reason says:

    the internet was a beautiful thing once.
    now you are ruining it with your bickering about politics – because a baby climbed a gate with a pillow.
    take a look at yourself.
    when we take a look at you, from the outside, you’re the once-hot spoilt cheerleader stuck between choosing the smart weakling and the rich bully.

    and with that i retreat back to my cave, where internet is plentiful and will sooner be free than rationed.
    just in case you were wondering if we had to worry about that.

  9. Luckily the baby didnt break his neck. Stupid parents

  10. looks more like a future dumbass

  11. LiberalLife says:

    What does politics have anything to do with this picture? Also, there’s nothing wrong with being democratic. There is something wrong with being a republican if you’re going to discriminate against someone because they don’t have the same views as you.

  12. Hi

  13. Cute video. But it would make more sense to have the gate flipped around so the child can’t climb on the bar

  14. Jail break!

  15. Obviously Michelle and Chente haven’t been around infants much

  16. u guys are just retarded. you can take a gateclimbing baby and turn it into a democrat. tell me you havent done sumthin stupid in your life…can you? no ….hes a fucking baby everyone needs to learn how to do sumthin….and that is apparently his way. so next time you try to make a baby look like a dumbass….go through you fucking childhood tapes

  17. My son used to do that when he was in his crib. But once we saw how he was getting out unharmed, we put a stop to it, not video tape it for other morons to see.

  18. I’ll give him an 8.4 overall.

    8.9 for degree of difficulty and a 7.9 for execution.

  19. This video was on Youtube in an extended version. The baby was just fine and did this stunt before with more pillows. He gets up and goes rummaging through the food cabinet in the next room. You people need to chill out.

  20. Future quadriplegiac is more like it. He almost snapped his neck.

  21. God Help Us All! says:

    The remark about the kid being a future democrat was obviously insinuating that he he retarded… Because all of you liberal democrats are fucking retarded… Take a look at what is happening here in the USA… Your fucking wonder boy “Obama” is ruining us! Now he turns his back on Egypt and Israel. We are hosed. The end is nie, and it all the faults of the dumb shit liberals who voted this retard in… Vent complete… You are free to move on with your lives…

  22. God Help Us All! says:

    The remark about the kid being a future democrat was obviously insinuating that he is retarded… Because all of you liberal democrats are retarded… Take a look at what is happening here in the USA… Your wonder boy “Obama” is ruining us! Now he turns his back on Egypt and Israel. We are hosed. The end is nie, and it all the faults of the dumb ass liberals who voted this retard in… Vent complete… You are free to move on with your lives…

  23. Where is the spirit of bipartisanship? Republicans and Democrats ought to bury the hatchet and agree that that baby is of the Independent Party.

  24. @ God Help Us All

    So Republicans are never stupid or do harmful things to this country? I think your brain needs a reboot, or have you already forgotten about all the Republican bigots that got caught being homosexual? Or what about vapid morons like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman?

    Of course that is also ignoring that Republicans, and their anti-regulation stance, are the reason why the housing market went awry, why wall-street almost bankrupted the whole country. Or was Bush giving NASCAR $350,000,000 really a good use of money?

    The reality is both Democrats and Republicans are spineless, selfish, weasels that are only interested in their own stature and reelection, not at all interested in the good of the American people or this country at all. They only care about how much money they can make.

    Just so you know Republicans are actually causing the majority of the strife in this country, especially with their religiosity and inability to separate religion from government. Democrats generally care more about people than Republicans, or did you forget that Republicans are the largest force discriminating against homosexuals, woman, and minorities. But I bet you think prejudice and subjugation are what America is all about.

  25. @ God Help Us ALL!


  26. Also, there is no god.
    You are simply terrified of the
    alternative to god, which would
    be vast nothingness, so you fabricate
    a world of fantasy and set up camp

  27. Haha amazing how judgement and negativity fill our minds from something so simple and natural. When you see a kitten chase a piece of string or a puppy trip over its own feet do you judge it negatively too???? NO… you appreciate it and get a laugh out of it.
    Appreciate the fact that a young human mind can think of something like that and find humor in it rather than get yourselves all worked up over how “those dumbass parents” let their baby do that and record it…
    By judging others you dont define them… you only define yourself as someone who needs to judge.

  28. Harmless Fuzzy Bunny says:

    Arguing on the internet is like running the 100-yard dash at the Special Olympics. Even if you win – you’re still retarded.

  29. Houdini as a child.

  30. honestly the comments are about ten thousand more amusing than the gif.

  31. i find it funny that you call this baby a democrat because he only used one pillow. if it is only because he took is fair share of pillows, what he needed in order not to die, than yes you would be correct in assuming he is democrat.

  32. Guys what the fuck… It’s a baby going over a gate. This has nothing to do with politics, religion, or any other argument flashpoint. It’s a baby being a ninja.

  33. You guys are ridiculous. Are you telling me that if you found out your baby could do awesome crap, like front flipping over a damn gate like Jackie Chan, you wouldn’t want to maybe film it?
    If I’m blessed with a brilliant, John Dillenger escape baby, I’ll be filming everything it does.

    And what democrat what what? Do you even understand what you’re saying?
    “Dumb ol’ democrats. They think one pillow will solve everything.”
    Does what I just said make sense to you?
    It doesn’t.
    In the same way, what you’re saying doesn’t make sense to anyone else.

    Just chill out, and enjoy watching this freaking Shawshank Redemption baby.

  34. note to self: next time, buy a gate with spikes on the top

  35. Fuckinglol says:

    1. Make video of baby jumping gate.
    2. Post video on internet.
    3. Plant ridiculous assumptions that because the baby jumps a gate that he is a democrat, and is therefore retarded, as if being retarded, ones political persuasion, and being a baby jumping a gate have anything to do with each other.
    4. Watch lolcows and biblethumpers go at it.
    5. ???
    6 Profit.

  36. Damned right!!! A proper red blooded american baby would beat its head against the bars till he made it through! No matter the cost!! FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES!!!!!!!! sigh…. aaaand back to the point… you got yourself one awesome ninja jail break baby genious. now just wait till the first time you try to ground him though.

  37. I would have to deduct point for the landing. Def. should have used a second & third pillow because the form at the end got a bit sloppy. Overall, good execution and strategy

  38. Future genius?

    Looks like baby genius, current genius, pure genius…

    or just genius genius to me…

    Start teaching him math…start with problem solving….

  39. Slave Carpenter says:

    How do you identify a baby climbing over a barrier as a democrat? That makes absolutely no sense… He’s obviously a Free Mason in kahoots with the Alluminati getting ready to establish the one world order. Read about it. This baby is their vessel. Run for the hills.

  40. probably part of the Rothschilds or Halliburton, as well. Never say Kant when you Canne…

  41. lol,

    do you see the landing, is he hurt?

  42. Paul Frederick Onyango says:

    That’s a genius shot. Genius kid? I really think so, genius is not only text.

  43. wow that kid was about to break his neck :/ I wonder where the parents are. Anyway nice landing airborne :)))

  44. Fuck Haters says:

    Damn… This baby is smart and you leeches/spawns of satan from the internet have turned perfectly fine picture into a typical website – full of hate and bullshit. I’m sick of you people.

  45. wow people if all you have to do is bash a poor little baby then what kinda life do you have? Also no matter what country you live in politics is nonetheless childish and crying over spilled milk. there is only one more thing i would like to say is read your comments before looking like an ass posting it and get a life and do something besides trying to be the one when no one really is 😛 stick that one in your pipe!!!!!! this is the rerason why there are wars thanks to opinions like yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. I wonder where I would be today if the internet was as big in the early 90s as it is now. Would I have been plastered all over the internet before my first day of school, the children already well equipped to tease me?

    My parents have many stories to tell about me, including getting out of my crib in the middle of the night to climb up the refrigerator and change the lightbulb in it at the age of 3, but without the quick ability to capture moments like that using a cellphone or easy-on camcorder, they will remain just stories.

    Despite growing up with computers like I did (got my first one when I was 4), it’s still amazing how much the world has changed in that short amount of time…

  47. lovely kids,lol
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  48. Maybe genius award to the parent who put the support bar on the side the baby is on : )

  49. naa my sister could get out of anything, including that cage (without the use of a pillow though,) and she isnt a genius nowadays. lol.


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