Future Genius

future geniusImage source: Imgur via Reddit

As you can tell, the baby in the gif above is clearly a future genius. The question is: are you? The upcoming NCAA Tournament during March Madness will give you a chance to find out. Start preparing your bracket now.


  1. I am in search of information about babies and climbing and what the pros and cons, besides the obvious are. Maybe I am being biased but find the beauty in my son climbing and problem solving his way around. However there are times where I know I need to keep my bountries up for him otherwise he’ll think he will always have his way. So as I was saying I was looking and I stumble across this video of what appears to me a proud set of parents who support their child and were present so that if they saw danger approaching they could tend to his needs…I find it GREAT that the child is using his brain for something more than a coat rack! It displeases me to see the lack of pride people have. Climbing is part of our instinctive nature and the fact the kid threw in the pillow just in case…he’s learned a thing or two. I do hope and wish the best for this boy and his family as I will continue trying to provide a well rounded and learning experience for our son as well!

  2. Future retard is more like it, because that’s what happens when a baby sustains injuries to the head.

  3. areyoukiddingme says:

    This “future genius” came very close to breaking his neck. Pretty reckless, I would say Future Drug Addict would be closer to the mark.

  4. joseandkiddingmesuck says:

    And I’d say that Bail san Jose and areyoukiddingme are pretty fucking stupid.

  5. Jon Turtletub says:

    Genius? Not coming from parents to stupid to face the baby gate the correct direction.

  6. sounds like jose and areyoukidding me are the aforementioned injury to head retards. And from that height there’s no way he could have been seriously hurt; the gate is shorter than he is. He’d be more likely to get a head injury tripping over. If you’ve ever learned anything about development, babies are flexible so they cant get hurt in such a situation…

  7. It’s like these three people think they are so important that it is more than okay to condemn a child they don’t know and that has done nothing to them to an awful future because they don’t agree with the context of something that a parent thinks shows intelligence in a baby. Really, people, take a look at yourselves. Are you fuckups even parents? What are you going to do if you don’t like what you see anymore when you suddenly realize one day that you’re alone thanks to people being able to smell the bitter on you? Jerks.

  8. homerbhoy1 says:

    only retarded comments i can see are from >>>>Bail san Jose areyoukiddingmeareyoukiddingme >> yous are the only retards as someone said the kid could harm himself quicker by runing and falling over ….

  9. so, we humans like debate about parenting.
    Some parents are more protective
    Some parents are alone
    Some parents are gymnasts themselves and like their kids to be physically active.
    Some parents are less responsible
    Some parents are too responsible
    … yaddy yaddy sigh

    and btw: the baby holds his arms where his head comes down, about 20cm lower as he drops.
    And if I’m not mistaken the intuitive baby/child can do a lot better and bendable things with his body than a 30yr old f.e.

  10. Future thief/criminal/rapist from the looks of it… except he’s not black.

  11. Pretty intelligent on his part but very unsafe at the same time.

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