Anyone up for a swim?

This is the swimming pool on the 57th floor of a hotel/casino in Singapore.

amazing-pool-in-singaporeImage source: Imgur via Reddit


  1. Nice place for a swiming pool

  2. Uncle B says:

    Not in Detroit at all folks! We die in the West, Asia booms! What went wrong? now, China’s LFTR reactor technology to replace American nuclear technology all around the world too! WTF? Soon we will all drive Chinese built cars? Will gasoline prices skyrocket soon? bet your butt! American Middle Class forced up to the plate one more time for the multi-National corporations! This time they demand more money or else!

  3. I’m seeing an “accidental” fall in the future… people, slipppery swimming pool on top of a hotel/casino…

  4. I think it’s more that we don’t trust the average American citizen to not fall / throw someone else off the edge.

  5. Singapore is not part of China

  6. Thanks for always trying to molest me in the closet while at family reunions Uncle B. Also Uncle, your thoughts are contribed and without any meaning. Your a piece of shit Uncle B and you know it. Don’t ever show yourself around here again.


    Your Cousin George Carlin.

  7. i wonder how many people went off the edge.

  8. Spuffler says:

    Very beautiful.

  9. Now this is what I would call an amazing eternity pool.

  10. holy cow! I’ve actually been on top of that hotel 😀

  11. Hmmm, I like swimming, but I dislike falling from great heights

  12. @Alex

    I think many places outside of the American all encompassing perspective, have a basic understanding of danger and what not to do.

    In the US, law suits are much too common place, allowing for outward blame for personal stupidity.

    In the US, they would have to put a glass wall there. Unfortunately, companies here feel the need to provide a padded world for us to bump into.

  13. Worried about falling? Remember folks, this isn’t in the USA! In most other nations, if you’re stupid enough to climb out of the water and toss yourself over the edge, it’s your own damned fault!

  14. Parker Graham says:

    I love how everyone talks about the U.S. as if were all one tall swimming pool away from killing ourselves and people around us. I mean come on, we aren’t that stupid to throw each other off buildings.

  15. swimming on the edge it is really Awesome

  16. Your website plays a video ad automatically. I will not be coming back because of it.

  17. “In the US, they would have to put a glass wall there. Unfortunately, companies here feel the need to provide a padded world for us to bump into.”

    the internet is full of gullible idiots like everyone here, who sees one perspective and thinks there is nothing more to it.

  18. There’s a fucking net along the side of the pool a few meters down. do you dumbshits actually think they would design something like that and not have any safety measurements installed? fuck the world is full of retards.

  19. @Dude

    I think you mean there’s a net a few *feet* down, not meters, this is America! Fuck yeah!

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