$17 Mac & Cheese Anyone?

When the waiter asked, “Can I bring you a side of our Truffle Mac and Cheese?” I had no idea the TRUFFLE part was ADD $12 on a $5 side!!!
Mac N Cheese


  1. When you order Foie Gras at a Euro Bistro so hip and cute called NOSH, you lose all rights to complain about a $12 side dish.

  2. Who on earth orders foie gras with ribs and… pork? What kind of dish is “1 Pork”? Also, mac and cheese with foie gras….

    Seriously, can you be any more American? I’m ashamed to call myself one.

    If you want foie gras, go to an actual French restaurant. Also, don’t *ever* complain about prices when ordering from trendy (and often sub-par) fusion restaurant. They exist purely to rip you off and it should be common knowledge at this point.

  3. lulubell says:

    If you know enough to order truffles (& assuming you don’t think it’s candy), you should know how expensive they are (considering their how rare and difficult they are to obtain).

  4. lulubell says:

    damn brain tumor! lol.

  5. LOL french food is like that…. and truffes is a very rare mushroom I think. It’s funny to show the ticket to us, thanks it made me laugh a little bit…

  6. AFAICT you’ve corveed all the bases with this answer!

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