Really Google? REALLY!?

urethra-franklin-googleImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Google either hates soul music, or this is a
result of the greatest mass misspelling in history.

Either way Google, you done gone and pissed off the diva.

I think I’d rather piss off China.

aretha-franklinPhoto source:


  1. The bigger question is why you were looking up urethra hah

  2. theres a punkband from the midwest called urethra franklin.

  3. LOL Waffles! I can’t believe they did that.

  4. They really should show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

  5. Umm… Urethra Franklin is a punk band.

  6. Learn to spell.


  7. She is the peehole of motown

  8. Google is a search engine. People were either searching for this or there are results for this. Definitely there are results. Not Google’s fault.

  9. um, the suggestions are based on what other people are searching for… so the general retarded public is to blame, like yourself.

  10. Dear Bob,

    I´m under the impression that Urethra Frankin is a punk band. Then again, that may just be because I read the comments here instead of just wanting myself to appear on the internet. You part of the general and so on.

  11. yeah its actually a song by Holocaustion from Macon, GA

  12. yep, it is!

  13. Fred savage says:

    well what do you know it IS there I just checked. OMG lmmfao

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