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Google via Reddit

Look, I’m no Fields Medal winner, but is there any situation where 0 + 0 = 273.15? Google may want to take a quick break from tweaking its algo and work on that calculator function.

(BTW, if you want an interesting discussion about whether there is actually any validity in the above Google results, click here.)


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  2. well, technically it is correct but the wrong units. 0 degrees celcius = 273.15 KELVIN.

  3. Yeah, it’s technically correct if you convert from celsius to kelvin, and then convert back to celsius which makes no sense.
    (0c+0c=273.15 K + 273.15 K = 546.3 K = 273.15c)

    so the problem is with google’s decision to convert to a particular unit to calculate then convert back to give the answer in the units that were given as the imput. This probably won’t happen with anything other than temperature which is the only conversion where the different measures have different 0 points.

  4. Well, that is absolutely correct, as celcius is not an absolute unit.

  5. not quite an idiot says:

    clearly google is not saying 0 + 0 = 273, because that is not what the person typed
    gintas hits the nail right on the head, 0 celsius is not 0 heat, so google is doubling the heat of 0 celsius which would be 273.15c

  6. that is the Kelvin equivalent of 0 degree celcius

  7. 0 degrees celsius does not mean “lack of any temperature.” If it did, then nothing plus nothing equals nothing. 0 degrees C is a temperature, so adding the same temperature to it on a calculator will increase the amount of kinetic energy held within that area, thus increasing temperature. Perhaps you should take a break from the pointless blogs to take 5 minutes and reasearch things before you make yourself look like a fool…

  8. Kelvin is a measure of thermodynamic energy. In order to convert this temperature(energy) addition, you HAVE to convert to Kelvin to measure to energy within, since you are about to double that energy. Why is this so difficult to understand? The only time there is no energy in the temperature is at absolute zero (0 Kelvin), that’s when thermodynamic energy has stopped, so 0K + 0K = 0k (aka, =273.15C)…and btw, 0K is an impossible temperature to reach. And the answer should NOT be in Kelvin as trevor incorrectly said…if it was in Kelvin, the answer would be 273.15 * 2 = 546.3K. (−273.15 °C = 0 K and 0 °C = 273.15 K)…thus, C = K – 273.15 = 273.15C. Any highschool graduate should be able to figure this out.

  9. David you are an idiot. Trevor was saying 0C + 0C = 0C which is 273.15K. Therefore he is absolutely right as google’s answer would have been correct if they had Kelvin as their units. Any highschool freshman should be able to figure this out. Also Dan’s logic is correct. Google simply converts all temperature inputs to Kelvin, solves, then converts back to the original units yielding: 0C + 0C = 273.15K + 273.15K = 546.3K which converted is 273.15C.

  10. Hey There Guy says:

    David’s explanation is correct.

  11. OC = 32F
    0K = -273.15C

    0C is the freezing point of water = 273.15K

    100C is the boiling point of water.

  12. The Chem Guy says:

    As it’s been said, this is NOT an error.
    Celsius is not an absolute unit of measurement. It is a derived unit:
    0°C = 273.15K.
    Why 273.15K?
    Well, 0K is absolute zero, the complete lack of thermal energy and, therefore, molecular motion. Such a temperature is not known to exist, however, so humans derived a much more practical unit, one that revolves around something we DO interact with frequently: water.’

    Water freezes at 273.15K and boils at 373.15K. To make these numbers much easier for us, a group of humans created the degrees celsius unit.
    x°C = x + 273.15K, so xK = (x-273.15)°C.
    This makes water’s freezing point 0°C and its boiling point 100°C. Much easier to remember, don’t you agree? Unfortunately, this also makes the math a little more complicated:
    0°C + 0°C = 273.15K + 273.15K = 546.30K = (546.30 – 273.15)°C = 273.15°C.

    Still doesn’t make sense? Perhaps I’ve jumped a bit ahead. Let me take a few steps back.
    Say I live in a bulding with a roof that is 50m above the ground, and I want to measure the vertical distance an object is above sea level… without leaving my floor.
    To do this, I invent a new measurement, lz’s (LaZy’s). A lz is a derived unit obtained by subtracting 50m from the actual vertical distance above sea level. For those more mathematically minded:
    x m = (x-50) lz and x lz = x + 50 m.
    Therefore, if a kite tied to my balcony is a total of 12m above my floor, it is 12lz, or 62m, above sea level. If something is lying on my floor, it is 0lz, or 50m, above sea level.

    Now, say I find another building, which is also at sea level. This building is also 50m tall, making it 0lz at the top floor. So, if I want to stack this building on my building, such that the base of that building is directly on the roof of my building (don’t ask me how; the buildings were built with lego blocks or something).
    My building is 0lz tall, and the other building is also 0lz tall. Therefore, the final height should be 0lz + 0lz.
    0lz + 0lz = 50lz. Why? Because the final height has to be 100m, and 100m = 50lz. You cannot directly add units like °C or lz. You have to convert them into base, absolute units first.
    For °C, it would be K.
    For lz, it would be m.

    So, the equation for the two buildings would be
    0lz + 0lz = (0+50)m + (0+50)m = 100m = (100-50)lz = 50lz.
    Just like the equation for adding two °Cs would be
    0°C + 0°C = (0+273.15)K + (0+273.15)K = 546.30K = (546.30-273.15)°C = 273.15°C.

    Notice that 0°C + 0°C is different from (0+0)°C (which yields 0°C). For a single °C value, you don’t need to convert to K, even if you are adding to its coefficient, as long as you do the addition in parentheses.
    When we say that the temperature “is at 25°C and will go up 5 degrees by 15:00,” the correct equation to represent the change with is
    (25+5)°C = 30°C,
    25°C + 5°C = (25+273.15)K + (5+273.15)K = 298.15K + 278.15K = 576.30K = (576.30-273.15)°C = 303.15°C.

    While this may seem a little confusing, remember that K is the only true SI base unit for temperature, and that °C and °F are both derived units (for metric and British standard, respectively). °C and °F are NOT designed for use in math, but for convenient use in everyday life. K is designed for use in math and science, but not for convenient use in everyday life.

    While 0 + 0 = 273.15 in KELVIN would be wrong,
    273.15 + 273.15 = 546.30 in Kelvin is right and, since you’re using multiple temperatures on one side of an equation, you can only expect the calculations to be done in Kelvin.

  13. You are a freaking idiot. You think you are clever don’t you? You realize 0 degrees celisus is a non-zero value don’t you? Seriously. People like you make me want to kill myself. Wow. Just wow. Go get drunk with your red-neck friends and drive into a ditch.

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