Who else used to tag along on trips to the grocery store just for these?


I was at Target with my girlfriend tonight and I saw Barnum’s Animal Crackers while we were walking. I instantly had a hankering, as I do about once a year or so when I happen upon them at a store…so I bought a box. After gorging all of the crackers in about 47.9 seconds, I was thoroughly satiated and remembered exactly why Barnum’s Animals are the greatest cookie treat in the world. Nothing compares. Ever.


  1. That’s it? That’s your story? I took time out of my day to read that you bought animal crackers? That’s not even a decent Facebook status…much less an entire blog. Thanks a lot for sharing, there…Kip Drordy.

  2. That’s actually more of a story than we usually post. The site is just for posting interesting pictures, that’s it. This one I actually took with my own camera and wanted to share my reasoning for posting. Not sure I could really go into any more depth about animal crackers, even Barnum’s, than I did.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  3. Welcome to PicChore.com, where our chore is finding great pics; your chore is enjoying them

  4. I remember loving these things from the five and dime when I was a kid. And they actually cost a dime. I’m curious how much they set you back nowadays. And do they still have the string carrying handle?

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