TV in 2010

Image source: Imgur via Reddit


  1. MasacruAlex says:

    Haha good one.

  2. What a hottie.

  3. The Truth 2 says:

    What a hottie.

  4. Dude, hot… hell no. Look at that bitches smile and flat chest. Honestly, if you get your news from Comedy Central, you’re an idiot.

  5. Yeah, she sure looks like the type of person whom id take advice from.

  6. Pile of Pooh says:

    I’m sure her obvious maturity and years of experience in the cutthroat arenas of business and government have served her well in making such an insightful decision… Or could it be that she’s yet another inexperienced college geek who secretly believes she’s the smartest person who has ever lived? The world wonders.

  7. sheeple need to get a life says:

    sheeple obama is the worst president in American history. in 2012 his nigger ass will be kicked out of the white house. =]

  8. Since when is a picture of a 12 year old holding a sign something that gets any attention. And what have I become for saying something about it? Oh, cruel internet. Why do you make people do such horribly useless actions? I blame fox first of all for not even being funny, but being somebody’s comedy channel. I also blame Comedy Central for not only not being balls out hilarious at every second and the pinnacle of comedy, but also because people who watch it think they’re funny by association.

  9. haha i actually saw this girl at the rally to restore sanity, great poster

  10. who the heck cares? says:

    Are you kidding? Which sign were you watching?

    Who decided that, because a picture of some girl was taken, that it’s now your jobs to say things?

    And rrrrrenzi’s right… who the heck am i commenting on your dumb comments? It’s not like you’ll be coming back to this stupid website you likely Stumbled to see who said what in response to you. Nobody’s actually looking for dialogue. Oh well. Go Bears.

  11. Hey FART, that girl is way older than 12. I bet she is even smarter than you too.

  12. The point of most of the posters and signs made for the Rally To Restore Sanity are just sarcastic remarks and commentary directed at society to show how the media has raped us of our intelligence and replaced it with pure ignorance. Unless you attended the rally (and if you did, I wouldn’t have to explain it to this group of imbeciles), your comments on this young lady’s sign are completely irrelevant. Start filling your heads with knowledge and tolerance instead of hatred and shallow-minded criticism.

  13. Saw her at the Rally to Restore Sanity… They had lots of great signs….

  14. retardedlol says:

    the funny part is that retards actually think like this stupid little girl. it’s quite humorous! and you think she’s hot? she can’t be any more than 14.. LOL!!

  15. what happened to freedom of speech let her grow into her own political opinion without a bunch of comments that prove the ignorance of people who follow fox news they are kinda dumb ina funny way and i should know i work for them as P.I.
    ps. how is he the worst president this is his first term in office besides lets see you do better… racist ….

  16. I think it’s safe to say that the worst president was actually Warren Harding. He was clueless about leadership(he literally got all the way there on looks), and caused more problems than their were people to deal with them.

    And “really?, when you asked about freedom of speech, we all of freedom of speech, which means we can critique who we want when we want. Critiquing on the internet is stupid, because she won’t hear it, but hey, if we want to we can.

    That is all.

  17. Why aren’t the newest comments first?

    Yes, I did stumble upon this link.

    I find it somewhat humorous. Even if untrue in my opinion. Whatever “news” is on Comedy Central is bound to be just as biased as news on Fox, even if they differ in opinions. Comedy Central’s “news” is still not telling straight up fact, the elude those who think this by making it comical and as if there isn’t one side or another being pushed.

    For those who find a flaw in my comment, (and have problem with it), News Flash: I’m Human.

    For those who bag on those who try determining her age or those who think she is hot, or cute, or whatever. Have fun with that. Until someone proves her age, it’s irrelevant, and who cares if someone doesn’t agree with you on how *you* think she looks. If you think she’s hot, I’m sure she won’t mind the compliment. If you think she’s not hot, then oh well, doesn’t mean someone else *can’t* think she is.


  18. If you take your news or comedy from either channel then you are obviously an idiot. Don’t watch television at all!

    If we all turned that damned idiot box off, then people could get something done for a change. I don’t watch the damn thing so I guess I have one up on you all.

    T.v. is the destroyer of generations and the downfall of western civilization. It is the reason fat people are fat and why 2/3rds of the population of willfully retarded and morally ignorant. Thanks for admitting that you all fall into this category. You have admitted to being idiots by being clued to an idiot box and taking your news from a comedy station and your comedy from a news station. You have proved my point. ; )

  19. hahah fox news is such bullshit 🙂 a bunch of redneck sister-fuckers

  20. Yeah, because Fox doesn’t suck Obama’s ass. You morons who think this is cool are nothing but spineless worms with your hands out. Get a job and stop looking for Bam Bam to meet your needs. Assholes.

  21. Republicans Suck Jesus Cock says:

    I think the girl is like 14 as well. Who cares? Repubs love jailbait. Anyway she is 100% correct, Fox is a joke. At least Colbert and Stewart have actual facts occasionally, can’t say the same for Fox

  22. roadspikes4libs says:

    What a typical idiot. What do you do with people whose heads are up their asses? Liberals are such morons.

  23. Hey ben, get off your fat, judgmental ass and get a life. Also if you are so against tv then why are you on the fucking internet? Hypocrite scum like you are whats ruining civilization, intelligent people know how to form their own opinions and tv is just an easy way to get info. And who the fuck are you to judge if someone is fat? If they fucking choose to be fat it is their fucking choice. Hypocrite piece of shit.

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