The Greatest Used Car Ad of All Time

greatest-used-car-ad-everImage source: WhatTheChrist via Reddit

And if for some reason you disagree, you have to at least admit it’s the sexiest BMW add ever.

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  1. I have no idea how effective this ad at selling cars, but does anybody have this lady’s number?

  2. Indeed Sex sells. I make a bunch of money with non sexy marketing tools. I wonder if there were a way to make my marketing sexy. Yep I need this gal’s # too so she can be on my marketing flyers

  3. I suddenly want a used BMW.

  4. This ad is discriminatory. It basically tells us that women and girls (she’s like 15!) exist as objects (like cars) for men to “use” and to be “used” by. It might be effective for some, but I now know that I definitly don’t want to buy or drive a car that is symbolic of sexism.

  5. Great Ad!

  6. well technically if the girl’s been used by someone with an STD or if upon sleeping with said girl you’re required to pay for her substantial medical bills.. yea maybe?

  7. They really shouldn’t have picked a girl that looks like she’s 17.

  8. Or should they have? Dun dun DUN!

  9. Seriously, she’s appx 15 years old…kind of gross to me.

  10. …She’s not even that pretty and she’s like 10. This is just sick.

  11. Really Steve, how do you know what a 17 year old looks like with her clothes off?

  12. Great ad. Shame she looks so old.

  13. Oh, get over it Caroline. Face it, women who WANT to be treated as objects WILL be treated like objects. This girl is borderline underage (a fetish nearly every grown man has but doesn’t want to admit). Good advertising! Now I’m torn between choosing a used BMW or this mystery girl. 😉

  14. Some Ad agency is getting canned right now I’m sure. . . .

  15. The original Ad doesn’t have the second line – it’s been changed, and pretty badly photoshopped too.

    It read only: You know you’re not the first.

    That line is enough, really.

  16. Am I the only one who can’t even look at the ad because of her horrible teeth?
    And she’s fug.

  17. The second line has a different font…

  18. This ad doesn’t discriminate against anybody.

  19. Sexism? Skin of mango! Why can’t people just enjoy a beautiful and creative ad rather than looking for some feminist nonsense in it?

  20. @Caroline

    Don’y blame BMW for a used car company’s advertising campaign

  21. I call sloppy seconds on that 3 Series

  22. ” Steve says:
    November 11, 2010 at 8:08 am
    They really shouldn’t have picked a girl that looks like she’s 17.”

    @Steve: Why not? Virtually everywhere in Europe the age of consent is 16 or less.

    Caroline says:
    November 10, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    This ad is discriminatory. It basically tells us that women and girls (she’s like 15!) exist as objects (like cars) for men to “use” and to be “used” by. It might be effective for some, but I now know that I definitly don’t want to buy or drive a car that is symbolic of sexism.

    @Caroline: If that’s how you infer it, that’s your problem. Did no one tell you that feminism died in the 80s? For some reason women like you think it’s OK to make men out to be useless layabouts who never do housework in adverts (I’m looking at you, Mr Muscle) and are happy to ridicule them, but don’t like it when the boot’s on the other foot.

  23. @Dave: Feminism did not DIE in the 80s. It will always be around as long as there is inequality between (and within) the sexes. Feminism isn’t about women > men, it is about attaining equality. Yes, sexism can go both ways, it doesn’t make it ok in this case or any other.

  24. Willy Brown Balls says:

    Drive her into the road, lol

  25. Offensive to women .

  26. Everything is offensive to someone. I know a lot of women who weren’t offended by this. Does that mean that you are sexistly generalizing women into a collective group that can all be offended by the same thing? If you want to stop sexism you have to stop making collective statements about a gender, which is the heart of sexism.

  27. Offensive stuff is only offensive to those who find it offensive.

    ie, you are letting yourself feel offended by this ad. Grow up.

    Here’s a spin for ya – this girl ain’t gonna be shunned simply because she has a past; it’s the girl the guy would want. Voila! Offensive advert turned into rising equality for women (in the form of sexual freedom).

    If you really want, knock up another for yourself with your favourite man on there instead. Then take a good stretch, wipe the sleep out your eyes and WAKE UP. NO ONE CARES.

  28. no don’t care and yes i want her # and a used bmw

    if the guy works full time and pays all the bills what’s so bad about cleaning the house while he’s gone and maybe making something delicious to eat when he gets home? what the hell happened to the good old days?! and what a sweet deal not having to work your ass off for a boss who’s a dick to you all day, i’d be a stay at home dad if i had a wife who paid for everything.

  29. If she’s 15… lock me up!
    ‘Cause I’d bang her until she couldn’t walk straight…
    Then drive her back to school in my sweet BMW.

  30. I don’t know which disgusts me more, that photo or these comments…

  31. HELP I’m trying to do a paper on this ad for school. Does anyone know what magazine I could find it in????

  32. Anyone “claiming” that this is sexist or even misogynist. Let go. You are looking so hard you are seeing something that is not there.


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  41. LOL – some of you REALLY get freaked out by the female model, as if she is ten, or 15 or some other ‘underage’ prop.
    Fact is, that won’t stop some of the offended from voting for or supporting Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore, will it?
    Worth noting that this ad came out in 2008, in Greece…and the age of consent there is 15.
    Here’s a link about the ad worth reading:

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