Well that works out well.

real-eyes-graffitiImage source: Imgur via Reddit


  1. A pun presented as wisdom?

  2. what the… is that supposed to be clever? fuck stumble

  3. Quasimoto said it first!

  4. Can I just point out that Cam is very immature so please ignore his crass ignorance.

  5. ckckck….

  6. FAIL!

  7. haha yeah i agree with Tamber… why does everyone feel that they have to swear when they comment? I too think it is very immature … just saying. (:

  8. This is intense like camping.

    *in tents

  9. More like wisdom presented as a pun!

  10. never heard machine head have you

  11. Machine head “Burn my eyes” album 1994.

  12. Wisdom lying around the most unsuspectable places.

  13. cam is mad cause he doesnt understand it. his little brain cant comprehend the meaning…

  14. adek

  15. Wangmaster says:


  16. ..What the fuck is a fake lie?

  17. idk why you’re all hatin’ on this, I think it’s pretty clever.

  18. Truth.

  19. agreed

  20. First, it’s graffiti in an urban area. So I guarantee this has nothing to do with Machine Head and has everything to do with someone getting too excited after seeing Shihan perform “Flashy Words”, probably from the clip of Def Poetry Jam on YouTube.

    Secondly, I am so sick of this saying that I’d be willing to punch anyone in the face if I was told they were the ones who tagged that on the building there.

  21. albert ingreto says:

    y’all bitchez niggaa

  22. Where was this? I’ve been looking for an old friend who used to write this everywhere – a drifter of sorts


  24. bbjsoccer says:

    werll in the scheme of things the graffiti no mater how true is still illegal. secondly the wisdom imposed here is not actualy suposed to be taken tha way more likely a smartass kid who thought after hearing it; it would be funny to tag with. finaly ill simply say the truth is real eyes cant always realize real lies for lies can be many shapes and sizes and no lie is real for all lies are not true. i figment of an individuals imagination use most often to cover up a mistake or screw up.

  25. I like this! Graffiti with meaning!

  26. I think cam had the right idea :L doesn’t make sense as wise.. It just seems horribly pretentious

  27. Lord Quas says:


  28. @alicia – and emoticon smileys are supposed to be mature?

    @ Lord Quas – awesome.

  29. Say it out loud.
    Real eyes realize real lies.
    Real-eyes real-ize real-lies.
    Realize Realize Realize.

  30. Kyle Augie says:

    These are Pink Floyd lyrics. “Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk” from Piper at the Gates of Dawn.
    Learn some good music, noobs.

  31. Makes a person think. I dig. Thank you stumble.

  32. I saw this in Kent, OH


  34. Read it over and over again you fucking idiots….then maybe you’d actually know something of use, eh?

  35. It’s just a pun intended to make you think. It’s 100% coincidence that the word “realize” can be used like this. Clever in a sense, grammatically correct, contains an interesting little meaning, but not really “wisdom”. I could say “If you’re smart you notice when something is false”, but it lacks the catchy phrase. Nobody would stumble on that either. Bottom line, you don’t come away any wiser by reading this.

  36. i have “real eyes realize the lies. recognize real” tattoo’d on me.. anyone who hates on that can eat a fat one. its permanent because i recognize the value in it .. forever.

  37. I have this tattooed on me actually. And not because of machine head, no political value. To me personally, it means that I see through peoples lies. So basically, I don’t put up with bullshit 🙂

  38. Woow is this a bird? Who knows.

  39. Old man, dead hand says:

    No, it means, if you’ve lived and are no longer naive, you’re real (as are your eyes) and you’ll realise lies when you see them as opposed to being duped easily like all the sheep – or mistaking that which is ambiguous, a misunderstanding or something other than an intended lie for what it is.

    I thought Machine Head invented the lyric, although it’s just a one-line job in the instrumental/samples-based song (topical news samples at the time, which was recently after the LA riots and about that and similar topics).
    Turns out it was Pink Floyd, or at least in popular culture as far as I can determine so far (thanks to the above poster who mentions it). I guess Robb Flynn from Machine Head was a closet hippie before he got REALLY angry (the way he snarls the lyrics in this song is utterly angry and rightly so given the context of the song!)

    I live in an urban area (ghetto, basically) and like Machine Head, why would it not have to be anything to do with them just because this graff was located there? That’s prejudiced as hell to think that, man. Word spreads, you know? Machine Head are basically an urban metal band, geographically and lyrically (from the first album anyway). Oakland.


  41. I got it I the tupac song it he says don’t beleive everything you hear realize real eyes real lies they are all way to say realize just in different form tupac was trying to say that you shouldn’t beleive everything you hear no matter in which way they are presented in. ……………………. Or you know I overthink things. Or maybe real lies realize real eyes is just telling us not to over think things that no matter the way so etching is pre………………. Fuck this shit it’s just a fucking quote teenagers are saying these days it’s bullshit fuck everything I said.

  42. It’s a joke I get it now each time you say it you realize your just repeating the word realize and feel like a retard.

  43. First of all binocular and never the very last like the actual wow gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. It’s easy. How can you not see it? It’s hidden everywhere if you look close enough. It’s Illuminati.

  45. None of you’s must have real eyes cause real eyes realise real lies. The quote itself is so obvious to me. Real eyes only see truth which would realise real lies cause real lies aren’t true. How can it be interpreted any other way. And if you think tupac made it up you must be so brain washed by gangsters and can’t seem to realise real lies… pink floyd said it way before tupac and machine ahead but as if pink floyd were the 1st to think of it. English has been around for centuries. Someone probably made it up 1000 years ago!!! Wake up people!

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