Louis CK: “Is the speed of light too slow for you?”


Randomly happened upon one of my favorite Louis CK rants this morning – his epic appearance on Conan from a few years back – and decided that, after the success of the Drew Carey quote I posted, I had to highlight one of Louis’ most astute observations.

If you have never seen the complete segment on Conan, a) what the hell is wrong with you? and b) watch it below.



  1. This is actually part of his show ‘Hilarious’. This is a shortened version of the full sketch he did on that show, which is also awesome =)

  2. NYC NOT leftist says:

    Proof that to be an actor( “entertainer”?) one SHOULD be as ignorant, uneducated , and
    just FULL of resentment as possible.
    ARe you telling me some of you think he is a value? that you should laugh at? This cretin wants us on a barter system? This a dangerous retard, and worse.. some of you actually spent money to listen to the moronic and immoral drivel that Hollywood ( et al ) foist on you.
    Oh yeah.. This guy stands with .. Red Skelton… oh I meant Lenny Bruce.. who was also a miseducated and resentful ( “entertainer”?).. They aren’t being presented as propaganda, right, kiddies?

    OooFah.. This is just another anklebiter..and thats who likes this rotten little person.. Louie.. you should not be inthe media.

  3. @ NYC NOT leftist : Dude hes just a fucking comedian stating the fact that people are ignorant to the amazing things we have in todays society, im sure he doesent actually want the world to be sent back to the barter system he’s just saying that maybe it will knock some sense into our spoiled generation

  4. You can fuck my bitch Based God.

    Swagger on a 100 thousand, 100 million…


  5. The speed of light IS slow…In relation to the vast size of the universe and our short life-span.

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