peter-pan-rapistImage source: Vacant Eyes via Imgur via Reddit

Seriously, when I clicked on this while browsing Reddit,
I laughed out loud harder than I have in a long time.

Nice work, whoever created this clever little bit of Internet goodness.

And if you don’t get it…well you need to surf the web more.


  1. wow Nice work, whoever created this clever little bit of Internet goodness.

  2. John Daniels says:

    This wasn’t funny or clever in the slightest bit. I’m sorry I stumbled it.

  3. Not only snatching people, but go for the kids.
    Wonder how many kids he have snatched to Neverland.

  4. This sucks balls

  5. And the creator did a NONO….ending sentence on a preposition. It would have read better otherwise.

  6. Muzungu12 says:

    the reason y’all don’t get it is because you haven’t seen Bed Intruder on youtube. You need to!

  7. No, they don’t “get it” because they’re a bunch of humorless dicks.

  8. Johnthedong says:

    Look up bed Intruder on youtube it may make more since

  9. so hide ya kids, hide ya wife

  10. jolly good show

  11. Awesome!

  12. Fail trolls are Fail. Just sayin’.

  13. I admire those with such morbidly low standards in humor. Life in your shoes must be a never-ending orgasm of funny.

    Seriously, never favorite another stumble ever again.

  14. A never ending orgasm of funny? Sounds pretty awesome to me.

  15. Your Mom is a never-ending orgasm of funny.

  16. we gon find you!

  17. i dont think its funny and i do know what its talking about

  18. you should not end a phrase with a preposition. makes it sound funny

  19. Would have been funnier if it said:
    “He’s climbing in your window….
    Snatchin’ up bitches”

  20. It is from the “Bed Intruder” youtube video. Morons. TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!!!

  21. you guys are so cool, you know what a preposition is!

  22. The picture cracked me up. 😀 The stupid people made me sad. 🙁 The people who lashed back cracked me up harder. XD Kudos. Get ’em.

  23. Look up “Bed intruder song” … 53 million views and some people still don’t know what it is.. surprising…

  24. i am seven and what is this

  25. sirsmokesalot says:

    I’ve seen the ben intruder video and i get this…. it’s still not funny.

  26. Well, I think it’s fricken hilarious. I like the bed intruder video. Seriously people, its a joke, laugh and move on with life. No sense is this nonsense drama. Jussstt sayin.
    P.S – the “your mom” comment made me literally laugh out loud.

  27. bubblehuntress says:

    Hahaha! I JUST watched the “Bedroom Intruder” video on youtube. You have to see that first in order to understand why this IS funny. Well, first youtube Bedroom Intruder, then the Bedroom Intruder song. You’ll be laughing your ass off. They’re even selling the song on itunes, and that hilarious dude is getting a cut!

  28. redundancy says:

    Suppp, your sentence “no sense in this nonsense drama” is redundant.

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