The Egypt situation summed up in a single-frame cartoon

Well, at least how Americans view the situation in Egypt.

Image source: Imgur via Reddit


  1. Check out how the guys toppling autocracy are white, and the guys bringing democracy are white, and the only arabs are the ones bringing theocracy.

  2. what i will say is not really much about the idea of the cartoon, but it should have been cutting off ‘auto’ and bringing in ‘Theo’ and ‘demo’ because those are the roots of the words, it doesn’t change the meaning too much but it does make it look sloppy to me the way it is now.

  3. None of them are “white” they are all the same skin color. The people not in “traditional” Arabic garb are supposed to represent the youth that led the protests and those in “traditional” garb are supposed to represent the Muslim Brotherhood.

  4. Baroque says:

    Stefan, you just described the cartoon, though.

  5. @ Baroque
    No, he is not.

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