The Most Clever Jewelry Store Billboard Ever

jewelry-store-billboardDiamond image source: Imgur


  1. Nice billboard

  2. Egao No Genki says:

    Well I’d rather wait until diamond rings come with tiny embedded GPS chips so that when a ring gets lost, I can go to ILostMyRing (doesn’t exist yet), enter the SSN, and get a fix on the position of that ring on a map, accurate to one inch.

  3. LOL! Very subtle.

  4. cool pic,I like it. @_@

  5. Thought of you

  6. Sure makes me want to marry a woman who pressures me like that. Sure why no.. Robbins said so.. Still funny though..

  7. I’m going to recommend this to a local jewelry friend of mine 😉

  8. Stuart Hannig says:

    As long as she puts out. I’ll get her the ring. I don’t care about the marriage I just want the sex even if its a finger fuck.hahahaha

  9. Still a massive rip-off. If the diamond cartels didn’t control the supply the way they do, diamond rings wouldn’t cost any more more than zirconium. That’s why they made all that fuss about “blood diamonds” from Africa….they can’t control the flow, so they used their clout to make it illegal, even though there’s no real reason for it to BE illegal.

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