Can someone explain how “Hershey’s + Calcium” has 0% calcium?

John Pozadzides, the one man behind One Man’s Blog, recently posed the question above in reference to the picture below.

hersheys-with-calcium-no-calciumImage source: Facebook

I can’t explain it. Can you?

Update: It appears that there is an explanation…or so they say.

This is actually useful advice in the year 2011

Image source: yfrog via @AmandaRykoff

Escalator Girl shows us all how it’s done (or at least should be)

Henceforth, I’m riding all escalators like this.

escalator-girlImage source: Imgur via Reddit

The Importance of Commas

Because without them, Rachel Ray is a cannibal and a dog-eater.

rachel-ray-importance-of-commasImage source: TwitPic via Reddit

Possibly the most WTF pair of jeans ever

I definitely cannot see men wearing these jeans. Can you?

sperm-jeansImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Aw Dang… It’s Locked!

Aw Dang... Its Locked

Wait for it…

the-shining-jackImage source: Imgur via Reddit

For more of these awesome animated GIFs, go here:

Proof of Global Warming

It’s snowing and icy…but still 483 degrees!


The Greatest (and Creepiest) Tattoo Ever

This man truly has eyes in the back of his…well you get the idea.

greatest-tattoo-ever-creepiestImage source: Imgur via Reddit

For some reason, this tattoo reminds me of that old Maxwell/MJ song…”I always feel like, somebody’s waaaatching meeeee…..”


We has it.

prioritiesImage source: via @RichardDeitsch

Or not.

Really New York Post? Charlie F’ing Sheen over what’s going on in Egypt?

All together now: SMH.

Urban Spelunking

Doing some random web browsing and came across the term urban spelunking, which just sounds intriguing (and happens to be fun to say). However, I was a little bit surprised when I started looking for pictures and came across this:

urban-spelunking-portlandImage source: Guerilla Photography

I guess you could call this the urban spelunking mascot. Or you could just call it…WTF.

Here is the Google Image search below. Still trying to figure out how Mr. Rabbit got in there.


Worst Parents Ever

worst-parents-everImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Google Images Audrey Hepburn Fail

Memo to Google: when I search for images of Audrey Hepburn, a classic and classy timeless beauty, I am not at all interested in pictures of Paris Hilton, a classless and vapid unattractive waste of a human being. Not now, and not ever.

Click image to enlarge in new window.


If Google’s algorithm isn’t sophisticated enough to differentiate between pictures of Audrey Hepburn and some spoiled skank playing dress up, then maybe it isn’t quite as powerful as we all thought it was.

Note: Screenshot taken at 8:15 am CT on January 5, 2011

WTF is going on in this picture?

weird-massage-pictureImage source: Imgur via Reddit

So what do you think it was in that first split second you looked? Yeah, it got me too…the picture on the top left I mean. There is also something weird going on with woman’s neck in the picture on the right.

Just a WTF picture all around.

When you see it…

Image source: Imgur via Reddit

Don’t worry, it’s an optical illusion. You have nothing to feel dirty about.

Way To Go TSA!

We all know that the TSA is a mess but this soldier’s story says it all as he concludes “What happened to our country while we were gone?”

TSA US Military

Email Image courtesy of Sgt. Mad Dog Tracy (US Armed Forces)

Anderson Brothers Steamatic

Angry Pepper is angry!

And probably British, based on the shoddy dental work.

angry-pepperImage source: abnlive via Reddit

Apple’s Impeccable Timing

30 minutes before heading out the door for Thanksgiving and Apple asks, “Do you feel like hanging out for hour?”

Designed in California, Made in China, common sense left on Mars. . .

This might indicate a serious problem.

So apparently there are a lot of moms, dads, and brothers are out there trying to get freaky with family members they shouldn’t be trying to get freaky with.

Well, that or they’re trying kill those very same family members.

Or themselves.



For the record, no I wasn’t doing these searches from Kentucky, where locally-based search might reasonably be expected to influence the waterfall in this way.

Interestingly, typing in “my sister wants” does not bring up anything similar. Who knew that sisters were the most emotionally stable of all?

[Hat tip to Reddit.]

The Curious Case of Mysterious Desk Dong

Everyone is familiar with weather map dong and telestrator dong. But can anyone explain the mysterious desk dong I just looked down and saw?



I am at a complete loss for how that got there or what it is comprised of, but it is pointed right at me while sitting, which is a little disconcerting. I think it’s time to wipe away mysterious desk dong.