Is this the funniest sports-related animated GIF ever?

funniest sports animated gif everGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

This one is definitely among the best ever. Is it the best?

Leave your opinions (and links to your favorites) in the comment section.

Damnit Kovasevic, not again!

kovasevicImage source: Imgur via Reddit

The title on the Reddit post where I found this was great: “Coach, can I stand next to someone besides Kovasevic on penalty shots?” Yeah, I think I’d be asking the same question. What a jackwagon.

Happy sports fans is happy

And why not? He’s got the best view in the house that Jerry built.


This picture sucks…

…but the inverse would be pretty nice.

danica-signs-boobsImage source: AdRants via Hot Clicks

Baseball player entertains teammates with “handstand”


handstand Image Source: SI Vault via @SI_Vault

He either has a jumbo package or his head is in his pants.

Turd Place

This unfortunate cross country runner is redefining “the runs”.

turd-placeImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Maybe his bronze medal was made of chocolate and melted in his pocket?

Either way, you can’t poo-poo the guy’s effort. He’s clearly straining, so I’m sure he’ll feel relieved when he’s done. Can we get this guy a magazine please?

F*** the Yankees…and that guy

This is a sentiment that all non-Pinstripers can agree on.

fuck-yankees-and-that-guy Image source: Imgur

Haley Joel Osment doesn’t just see dead people…

…he prevents them too.

(Note: I’m assuming that’s not actually Haley Joel Osment, but it sure as hell looks a lot like him.)

Image source:

Mullet Hall of Fame Nominee: Jennifer Capriati

Sweet lord…that’s Achy Breaky Heart (minus the curls) territory right there.


FYI, this photo is from Capriati’s “Faces in the Crowd” entry way back in the day in Sports Illustrated.

Image source: SI via @SI_Vault

The most ignored sign in sports history

Has anyone at the 2010 World Cup paid attention to this?


Based on the constant vuvuzela buzz on TV (and the just-as-constant and more annoying buzz of vuvuzela bitching on Twtiter) I’m going to say NO.

Image source: Yfrog via SI’s Grant Wahl

How To Distract a Brazilian Soccer Fan

We all know how crazy Brazilians are about their soccer. The English invented it, but Brazil perfect it, right? So how do you get a fan of Team Brazil do take his eyes off the pitch?

Looks to me like all you need is a succulent slice of booty.

distracted-soccer-fanImage source: India on Rent

Hmm…well based on the picture above, I’m now very intrigued to find out what the pasty gentlemen below are so enthralled by.

distracted-soccer-fansImage source:

Oh, well that makes sense. I think I might forget about my sandwich too.

hot-brazillian-soccer-fanImage source:

See guys? Sometimes it pays off to scroll down. The good stuff isn’t always above the fold.

Pennywise…the Soccer Fan?

Want to know why soccer hasn’t hit it big in the U.S. yet?

insane-soccer-fanImage source: Soccershop

Because insane soccer fans from other countries give us nightmares…like the freak above, who looks a lot like a darker version of the freak below.

pennywise the clown from IT by Stephen KingImage source:

Sleep tight!

Jim Bibby has more balls than you…

jim-bibby-balls…could ever hold in one hand in his right hand.

Image credit: SI via @sivault

Dan Roundfield: the oldest looking player in NBA history


Source: SI Vault

Didn’t think anyone could look older than Greg Oden, did you? Well, thanks to Andy Gray of SI Vault, you now know that Dan Roundfield did indeed look older…emphasis on the old.

Easily one of the most clever fan signs ever at a sporting event


Source: Imgur

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