America: “Honey, am I going to need a hat or gloves?” Nature: “Yes, yes you will. And a shovel. A few of them, actually.”


Image source: HuffPo via NOAA

The Circle of Life

circle-of-lifeSource: Imgur via Reddit

Horrific close-up of oil soaked wave washing ashore

In case you needed another impactful visual reminder of the devastation in the Gulf,
this photo of an oil soaked wave washing ashore in Alabama should do the trick:

oil-soaked-waveImage source: David Martin/AP via Guardian

According to the caption of the picture at Guardian, this wave is washing ashore at Orange
Beach in Alabama, some 90 miles from the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

90 miles!

We don’t post this here just to be sensationalistic. Rather, we hope that by driving traffic we can
encourage some of you to donate to the relief effort.

Here are some links where you can do so:

Volunteer or Donate to Gulf Oil Spill Relief Effort — (

Donate to Gulf Oil Spill Relief Fund — (Greater New Orleans Foundation)

Donate to Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund — (National Wildlife Federation)


And just in case you need a little extra impetus, maybe a little anger
to galvanize you, this picture should do the trick:

Image Source: US Coast Guard via

That not do it?

Well just get as pissed off as this little bird, covered in oil just
like so many other animals and fish in the deep waters and on shores of the Gulf.


Not pictured (because no picture do it justice): all the brave, hard-working of the Gulf
whose hopes, dreams, and livelihoods are just as nefariously covered in black sludge now.

Thanks BP.

Thanks Transocean.

Thanks Halliburton.

And thanks U.S. Government.

In the immortal words of Bradley Cooper in The Hangover: you fucked up…you fucked real bad.

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Digital Near Infrared Photography

turtle creek Dallas TX

source: Seen and UnseenĀ  courtesy of Derick Schaefer


Source: Seen and Unseen - Courtesy of Derick Schaefer

How amazing are the limestone forests in Madagascar?


Photograph by Steven Alvarez, National Geographic; Source: Radion’s Media News


Photograph by Steven Alvarez, National Geographic; Source: