This painting will mess with your mind

But in a fun way. Very, very well done Mr. Shuplyak.

Image source: Imgur via Reddit

Painting: “Portrait Shevchenko ll” by Oleg Shuplyak.

Hat tip: Cain McKnight

So what do you guys think we should–OHMYGOD GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!


GIF source: via Imgur via Reddit

Who knows what they said. But I was probably something like that.

[Note: I have no clue what the story behind this or how the men fared afterwards. If anyone knows, drop a link.]

Anyone up for a swim?

This is the swimming pool on the 57th floor of a hotel/casino in Singapore.

amazing-pool-in-singaporeImage source: Imgur via Reddit

He seems to have painted himself into a corner…HOLY CRAP!

I know it’s probably pretty sturdy, but just looking at the picture terrifies me.

ladder-over-stairwell-paintingImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Texas HOA Foreclosure Impacts 1/2 A Community

Texas HOA Foreclosure

A Texas HOA Foreclosure makes a massive land grab as members accuse the HOA of raising dues, in some cases, to over 200% of the local tax rate.  Pay up or give it up is the policy.  Image courtesy of PassTheGavel.Com.  Definitely read the board member quotes!

America: “Honey, am I going to need a hat or gloves?” Nature: “Yes, yes you will. And a shovel. A few of them, actually.”


Image source: HuffPo via NOAA

Future Genius

future geniusImage source: Imgur via Reddit

As you can tell, the baby in the gif above is clearly a future genius. The question is: are you? The upcoming NCAA Tournament during March Madness will give you a chance to find out. Start preparing your bracket now.

$17 Mac & Cheese Anyone?

When the waiter asked, “Can I bring you a side of our Truffle Mac and Cheese?” I had no idea the TRUFFLE part was ADD $12 on a $5 side!!!
Mac N Cheese

This may be the most incredible animated GIF ever.

Yes, I know it’s an oldie. But it’s an all-time goodie.

incredible-animated-gif-truck-crashes-into-and-collapses-bank-roofGIF source: Imgur via well, Everywhere (seriously, this animated GIF may actually predate the Internet.)

Okay, so you may be wondering how I can call this animated GIF a “goodie” when a) clearly someone is driving the truck and b) clearly there is no way they emerged unharmed from this horrific accident.

Well, shockingly, the driver did emerge unharmed, along with his 8-year old son. Let’s just say that it looks a lot worse than it actually was because of the angle of the video used to create this GIF.


So see? Now you can stare at this GIF in amazement and even pass it around to your friends, knowing that no one was injured or killed. (Actually, knowing the Internet, giving you the full story might make you less likely to do so…)



Okay, so whose face is that?

First, look at the thumbnail:

(seriously, don’t cheat and look down!)


What’s your very first impression?







Now look at the full size picture:


Look familiar?

Perspective changes everything, no?


Image source: Imgur / Idea source: Reddit

The Shadow of Love

Timing doesn’t get much more perfect than this.
perfect-timing-the-shadow-of-loveImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Negative space has never been so…positive.

best-negative-spaceImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Epic Aquatic Camouflage

incredible-camouflage-swimmersImage source: via Reddit

Hey Surgeon General…

You were saying?

100-year-old-smokerImage source: RetardZone via Reddit

Identity theft is not a joke Jim!

jim-halpert-paintingImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Here is the background on this painting, from Reddit user ReigningCatsNotDogs, which is real and not intended to be of John Krasinski, who plays Jim Halpert on The Office.

Soooo…At a museum in Copenhagen I went to (Statens Museum for Kunst), there is a picture of a prince from the 1800s in the classical portrait section. He also happens to look exactly like Jim Halpert. Even the hair. You be the judge.

Consider Dwight’s mind blown.


Heeeeere’s….the greatest Jack-o’-lantern ever!

best-jack-o-lantern-ever-jack-nicholson-the-shiningImage source: Imgur via Reddit

The most spectacular photobomb ever.

Spectacular-photobombImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Umm, he may need a spot…

baby-weightliftingImage source: Imgur via Reddit

If you eat at your desk, this is a genius idea.

genius-ideaImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Not going anywhere for a while?

man-lighthouse Image Source: via Imgur via Reddit