Just Bill Being Bill

bill-clinton-michelle-obamaImage source & post title credit: Imgur via Reddit

This picture of Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama, and the accompanying title (which I saw on Reddit) cracked me up immediately. I had to post verbatim.

I think Todd Haley likes how she is consuming that sausage.

todd haley sausage animated gifGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

BTW, for those of you who are not sports fans, Todd Haley (the buffoon hopping around) is the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. He is a notorious prick who acts like a child and treats his assistant coaches and players like children. But damn does he enjoy watching an attractive woman place a piece of sausage in her mouth. It figures.

This man has the perfect name for his job.

robin-mahfood-best-name-everScreenshot from: FoodForThePoor.org

And for those wondering: yes, Robin Mahfood is real and this is his real job…clearly the job he was born to do.

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The Legendary Donald Rumsfeld Animated GIF

epic donald rumsfeld animated gif

GIF source: Imgur via Reddit

This is one of the most epic animated GIFs ever to circulate through the Interwebs. The GIF is taken from an episode of the Craig Ferguson Show. The video is funny, but to me it’s so much funnier as a GIF. I know many of you have probably already seen it, but I had to post. It cracks me up every time.

Uh huh…suuuure that’s your real name

mike-litorisImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Regardless, come on over here Mr. Litoris. I’d like to introduce you to my other friend named Mike. His last name is Hunt. You two will get along really well I’m sure.

A Compliment, A Solid Show Idea and A Contribution? Can You Say “Green-light,” PBS?


Image source: Imgur via Reddit

Oh come on, China Buffet. You know what you’re doing here.

china buffet

Image source: Imgur via Reddit

This little kid is on the fast track to being a jackwagon.

little-kid-blows-out-sisters-birthday-candle-jackwagonImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Probably put locking mechanisms on the doors. Wise move.

velociraptor work poster

Image source: thehighdefinite

When you see it…

…just know that this picture is NOT ‘shopped.

Image source: Imgur via @TicketRadio

Gotta love it when shadows and knees come together in perfect unintentional dong harmony.

Clearly Lisa and Richard have a happy, healthy marriage.

lisa-and-dickImage source: Imgur via Reddit

I was proud of this response I sent to Rainn Wilson on Twitter


If for some reason you don’t get the reference, here you go:

Exclusive Photo! Douchebag caught driving truck in the wild.


Derick and I were driving back from a lunch meeting the other day when we pulled up behind this truck at a stoplight. I assume that this is his most clever pick-up line, right there on his license plate for all the world to see. Good luck bro.

Howie Shlong

howie-shlong-long-britney-spearsImage source: SI Vault

Yes, that is NFL Hall of Famer Howie Long ogling Britney Spears back when he was in his mid-40s and she was, well, still attractive and not batshit crazy. With a name like Howie Long, titling this really was too easy.

Instant karma’s gonna get you.

instant karmaGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

What a jackwad. Serves his goofy ass right.

And, of course, the dog just wants to go over and do anything to help him.

Hey! That is totally inappropria–oh, nevermind

bicycle-bonerImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Awkward Exhaust Pipe FTW!

This is easily one of the greatest examples of accidental dong ever captured in the wild.

awkward-exhaust-pipeImage source: Imgur

Cindy Lou Who finally succumbs to the Grinch’s evil spell

satan-christmasImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Kids: be careful what you ask on Yahoo Answers…

teacher-yahoo-answersImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Point: Teacher.

My favorite part is the nonchalant response from the student even after being caught, reiterating the question.

But really, what’s so wrong with asking the question? The kid was still trying to find out the information, just in a different way. It seems like kind of a waste of time for the teacher to be trolling Yahoo Answers unless it’s just for curiosity.

Being a weatherman is harder than it looks.

weatherman-penisImage source: Imgur via @TIcketRadio

So…is raining testosterone or testicles?

Based on my experience, that “cooler aloft” probably feels pretty doggone nice.

If his right hand begins to form any type of cup or tube, this quickly transitions into weird porno territory.

Is the fact that the T-storms are penetrating Mexico some sort of subliminal statement about immigration?

Seriously, I could go on and on…