Astounded Door Latch is astounded

Maybe he caught wind of the fact that drunk octopus wants to fight him?

astounded-door-latch-on-the-verge-of-tearsImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Note: All credit for the phrase “Astounded Door Latch” goes to Redditor nayrev for his post here.

Bathroom graffiti at its finest

drunk-octopus-wants-to-fight-youImage source: Imgur via Reddit

The Golden Rule

the-golden-ruleImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Firefox to the rescue

send-linkImage source: Imgur via Reddit

How can you not laugh at that?

I love random cleverness like the picture above. Similar to this classic picture, it made me laugh out loud heartily the minute I saw it.

I’d like to give kudos to whoever created this image but I don’t know who it is. So we’ll just grant the kudos to Firefox and hope that Link gets there quickly to save poor Zelda.

The Greatest Used Car Ad of All Time

greatest-used-car-ad-everImage source: WhatTheChrist via Reddit

And if for some reason you disagree, you have to at least admit it’s the sexiest BMW add ever.

WordPress Hosting

The people who form the red section should be shot and killed.


Underrated reason why marriage sucks.


Add this to the list of reasons why Facebook sucks.


Waiting on your computer < Waterboarding


Damn you Adobe. DAMN YOU!


Well played boyfriends. It’s an evil trick question.


This is also true of most domains and blogs as well.


Every guy’s #1 pet peeve about women.


Works every time.


The potential for a random hook up is being underrated.


TV in 2010

Image source: Imgur via Reddit

Pass the whiskey…



peter-pan-rapistImage source: Vacant Eyes via Imgur via Reddit

Seriously, when I clicked on this while browsing Reddit,
I laughed out loud harder than I have in a long time.

Nice work, whoever created this clever little bit of Internet goodness.

And if you don’t get it…well you need to surf the web more.

Smokin’ Street Graffiti

smoking-sewerImage source: Kill My Day Now

Surgeon General’s Warning: Even sewers get cancer from smoking cigarettes. STOP!


R2D2 and C3PO, if they mated

lovechildImage source: I Can Has Internets

I love the Pop Stars re-imagined series. Here are more. And more.