How to create a building that looks like a shark

Decent, rather unimaginative example:

discovery-channel-buildingImage source: BuzzFeed

Absolutely badass example:

shark-attack-buildingImage source: Flickr user Kamuro

That’s what I call going out on a limb.

Image source: The Inspiration Blog

The Scariest Picture Ever

scariest-picture-everImage source:

Oh….hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!

That water is either really hot…or this is the Jesus of lizards.

oh-hot-hot-hot-hotImage credit: Scott Linstead via Green Diary

High Five! Down Low! On the side…

slapping-five-with-whaleImage source: via eldoobie on StumbleUpon

Hover Dog!

Even Marty McFly is jealous at the ease with which he hovers.

No board necessary.


Image source: Flickr via Reddit

Hey may just be a pig but…

…even pigs like having fresh breath and clean teeth.


Source: The Design Inspiration

The most chill monkey ever.

Anybody got a light?


Source: The Design Inspiration

Clubbin’ Baby Seals

The sideways hat…the bling…the PBR…

Yeah, they get the official PicChore seal of approval.


Hat tip to this Redditor.

Yep, I’d say that pretty much sums it up


Source: Imgur

There does seem to be an uncanny resemblance


Source: Photofind

Get. That. Thing. AWAY FROM ME!


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Funny Little Logos


This logo of a Texas Longhorn depicts cattle in a fun way.