Puppy in Sunglasses Beating the Heat

The beauty of dogs, summed up in one picture.

Loyal, caring, compassionate.

Earth’s greatest animals.

Something tells me she agrees.

Image source: Imgur via Reddit

Who said it isn’t easy being green?

Certainly not this guy.

easy-being-greenImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Alpha Dog

He showed those pussies who’s boss.

alpha-dogGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

When you see it…

fuck-fishImage source: LowGravityUrt.com

Did you see it? Remind anyone of this guy?

Don’t Take This Flyer Down, For There’s A Hornet Behind It, And He Will Sting You in the Neck.



Image source: OH GOD RIGHT HERE.

Pikachu Cat is not amused

Look, I don’t like cats. I’m a dog man. I’m allergic to cats and their indifference pisses me off. But I hate unnecessary torture even more. And this is torture.

pikachu-catImage Source: Imgur via Reddit

You know what I’d like to see? Some giant person 10X the size of the annoying girls in the background take them, dye them to look a cartoon character, and then sit there taking pictures of them. See how they like it. It’s not often I feel sympathy for a cat, but in this case I do. So unnecessary.

Snowed in and working from home

…but never alone.


10 Canine Commandments

10-canine-commandmentsImage source: Tumblr via Reddit

Very well said. I think these canine commandments should be read and understood by anyone who is thinking of getting a dog. It is both a responsibility and a tremendous privilege. Dogs are awesome.

Hey Rebel, going somewhere?


This weekend, little Rebel and I went up to the parents’ house to hang out for the weekend since it was my younger bro’s last night at home before flying back to Bloomington where he is a student at IU. We could not find Rebel after a game of cards, but ultimately he turned up — sitting in my brother’s suitcase. Good thing no one zipped him up, otherwise he would have been in for a bumpy ride.

The way my dog sleeps amuses me.



I love you little Rebel boy.



If they can do it, shouldn’t we be a little closer to peace in the Middle East? Just sayin…

Float like a hummingbird…

Sting like a bee.

hummingbird-beeImage source: Gerry Sibell via TreeHugger

Smart dog.

So I’m watching college football today and a tornado warning comes on my TV. I immediately look around for my little pup…and found out just how smart the little guy is.

Image source: my own damn camera!

Well done little Rebel boy. Well done.

Greatest photobomb ever?

greatest-photobomb-everImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Greatest photobomb ever.

Happy whale is happy.

happy-whaleImage source: Rory Moore / Barcroft Media via UK Telegraph

Of course, he’s also a pilot whale, meaning he’ll F you up if you make a wrong move or threaten his kids. So treat Mr. Happy Whale like you’d treat a politician (i.e. don’t let the smile fool you…).

Greatest animal picture ever?

greatest-picture-ever Image source: Imgur via Reddit

Greatest animal picture ever.

Epic Note: 11 Reasons Pets are Better Than Children

And, for good measure, four reasons why you complaining nincompoops should STFU!

pets-better-than-childrenImage source: Reddit via funpics.classicfun.ws

Happy birthday Krakatoa!

kimodo-dragon-birthdayPhoto credit: Daron Dean / The St. Augustine Record via LA Times via Warming Glow

Krakatoa, the now-8 year old Kimodo dragon from the St. Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoological Park, proves that all happy birthdays are properly celebrated with a SpongeBob party hat…even in the animal kingdom.

The mouse-covered cake, however, is probably a uniquely Kimodoian birthday treat.

Chip off the old block

baby-hippo-with-momImage credit: stevebloom.com / Barcroft Medi via Daily Mail