This might be the greatest Big Lebowski reference in web history

Kevin Kaduk of Big League Stew had one of the most epic Big Lebowski-related comebacks ever.

Image source: yfrog

It doesn’t get much better than that. It’s not surprising though. Kevin is a good man…and thorough.

And I shall call this dish: “Heartstopper”

From the chef: “House made tater tots, fried in duck fat,
with smoked cheese curd covered in roasted duck gravy.”

Image source: Imgur via Reddit

Why must the things that look the best be the worst for us? If only I could reach into the computer screen and grab just one glorious tater tot…

Elmer Fudd’s Ferrari

Image source: Imgur via Reddit

And I’ll just leave this here for anyone too young to understand the reference:

Perfectly Timed Photo

There is so much to enjoy about this picture.

Image source: Imgur via Reddit


I would prefer Patrick Stewart NOT be obsessed with that…

In today’s edition of Unintentionally Hilarious Sticker Placement:

Image Source: Imgur via Reddit

A concoction of coincidence and timing

Simply one of the most hilariously perfectly timed photos ever.

perfectly-timed-photoImage source: via Hot Clicks

General Tso’s Chicken Na-Tsos

If this isn’t love at first sight, then such a phenomenon doesn’t exist.

general-tsos-nachosImage source: Imgur via Reddit

The title on Reddit is: “My friend’s latest drunk creation – General Tso’s Chicken Nachos.” Whoever said that nothing good comes from drinking obviously did not anticipate this.

Also, kudos to commenter frenchst. I loved his/her title suggestion so much I used part of it above.

So what do you guys think we should–OHMYGOD GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!


GIF source: via Imgur via Reddit

Who knows what they said. But I was probably something like that.

[Note: I have no clue what the story behind this or how the men fared afterwards. If anyone knows, drop a link.]

Who said it isn’t easy being green?

Certainly not this guy.

easy-being-greenImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Alpha Dog

He showed those pussies who’s boss.

alpha-dogGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

Finally, an example of planking that entertained me

planking failGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

Anyone up for a swim?

This is the swimming pool on the 57th floor of a hotel/casino in Singapore.

amazing-pool-in-singaporeImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Hand-to-hand combat

This sculpture is kind of a mind-fuck, isn’t it?

Image source: Imgur via Reddit

The Best Food Porn Pic Ever

Duck + Duckface + Massive Unintentional Spillage = Epic Victory

best-food-porn-pic-everImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Talking dirty never tasted so good.

creative-foreplayImage source: Imgur via Reddit

This is actually useful advice in the year 2011

Image source: yfrog via @AmandaRykoff

Of all the reasons cell phones have improved the world…

…the most underrated, clearly, is ridding us forever of THIS:

Image source: Imgur via Reddit


If you get stage fright, better wait for the next available urinal.

Image source: Imgur via Reddit

Conan and Shaq Dancing

conan and shaq dancing gifGIF source: PBH2

Robotic Hysterectomy Recovery Time Explained via Infographic

Robotic Hysterectomy Explained
Brought to you by the Offices of Dr. Dennis Eisenberg



To embed this infographic on your own site, just copy/paste the following code into your HTML editor:

<p style=”text-align: center;”><a title=”View Full Size Image” href=”http://www.”><img title=”Robotic Hysterectomy Explained” src=”” alt=”Robotic Hysterectomy Explained” width=”600″ height=”2359″ /></a>
<a href=””>Brought to you by the Offices of Dr. Dennis Eisenberg</a></p>