Cool Infographic for Business and Blog Owners: What Is Your Number?

If someone got out their check book and offered to buy your blog or business, do you know what your number would be? This cool infographic, from this website, which would fit on any business WordPress theme and is sponsored by M&A consultants and advisers, made me think about it. . .

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Proof of Global Warming

It’s snowing and icy…but still 483 degrees!


Greatest photobomb ever?

greatest-photobomb-everImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Greatest photobomb ever.

Soft Serve

soft-serveImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Unfortunately, the waffle cone appears to have split in half.

The High Stakes for Google in China

No wonder they aren’t so quick to leave.

china-internet-usersGraphic Source:

Google appears to have problems with basic math


Google via Reddit

Look, I’m no Fields Medal winner, but is there any situation where 0 + 0 = 273.15? Google may want to take a quick break from tweaking its algo and work on that calculator function.

(BTW, if you want an interesting discussion about whether there is actually any validity in the above Google results, click here.)

Awesome name combination for engagement announcement

jaeger-meister-wedding Image source: TwitPic via @ticketradio

Yup, I think this couple really has a shot.

Hopefully chilled.

And the reception is guaranteed to kick major ass.

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We want him on that beach, we need him on that beach

At least, we used to.


And, because no post about David Hasselhoff is complete without, it…The Hoff, FTW


QuickBooks Online supports these browsers…except when it doesn’t

Oh, you support Safari 5.0.1 do you?

I guess not.

Maybe the reason why QuickBooks Online for the Mac is still in beta after almost 1 1/2 years since the “beta” launched is they are still trying to figure out how to get the Safari version number logic correct?

And yes, it’s this kind of ineptitude that makes me fear for Mint’s future.

Microsoft, SMH

Anyone else hate this?

Office for Mac Auto Update Error

Come on Microsoft…have a little pride!

Does Microsoft have to make updating software OBNOXIOUS on the Mac too?

This problem has existed forever!  Auto Update tells you to Quit “Auto Update” to continue!!!

Does Jerry Jones Look Like Uncle Martian?

jerry jones uncle martian

Jerry Jones does have striking similiarities to the late Ray Walston who played TV’s “Uncle Martian”

Here is how Jerry might look with antennas!

Well played Google…well played.


And the award for best personal ad ever goes to…

…this guy, a man who clearly has too much time on his hands, but who
might not anymore if he can find a woman with a good sense of humor.


Image source: 25 Inappropriate Demotivational Posters — (Regretful Morning)

Digital Near Infrared Photography

turtle creek Dallas TX

source: Seen and Unseen  courtesy of Derick Schaefer


Source: Seen and Unseen - Courtesy of Derick Schaefer

Funny Little Logos


This logo of a Texas Longhorn depicts cattle in a fun way.