Texas HOA Foreclosure Impacts 1/2 A Community

Texas HOA Foreclosure

A Texas HOA Foreclosure makes a massive land grab as members accuse the HOA of raising dues, in some cases, to over 200% of the local tax rate.  Pay up or give it up is the policy.  Image courtesy of PassTheGavel.Com.  Definitely read the board member quotes!

The Booby Bartender (NSFwait, what?)

bartender boobs from benny hill showGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

Ah, I see what they did there. Benny Hill Show…you so funny.

You’re going to have to be more specific…

post-no-billsImage Source: Imgur via Reddit

Wait for it…

the-shining-jackImage source: Imgur via Reddit

For more of these awesome animated GIFs, go here: http://iwdrm.tumblr.com/

$17 Mac & Cheese Anyone?

When the waiter asked, “Can I bring you a side of our Truffle Mac and Cheese?” I had no idea the TRUFFLE part was ADD $12 on a $5 side!!!
Mac N Cheese

Clearly Lisa and Richard have a happy, healthy marriage.

lisa-and-dickImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Epic Christmas Sweater Guy

The Picchore team hopes your holidays are as f’ing awesome as this guy’s seem to be.


Way To Go TSA!

We all know that the TSA is a mess but this soldier’s story says it all as he concludes “What happened to our country while we were gone?”

TSA US Military

Email Image courtesy of Sgt. Mad Dog Tracy (US Armed Forces)

Anderson Brothers Steamatic

Apple’s Impeccable Timing

30 minutes before heading out the door for Thanksgiving and Apple asks, “Do you feel like hanging out for hour?”

Designed in California, Made in China, common sense left on Mars. . .

How amazing are the limestone forests in Madagascar?


Photograph by Steven Alvarez, National Geographic; Source: Radion’s Media News


Photograph by Steven Alvarez, National Geographic; Source: PersianHub.org

There does seem to be an uncanny resemblance


Source: Photofind

Get. That. Thing. AWAY FROM ME!

Source: Photofind.com

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