Pikachu Cat is not amused

Look, I don’t like cats. I’m a dog man. I’m allergic to cats and their indifference pisses me off. But I hate unnecessary torture even more. And this is torture.

pikachu-catImage Source: Imgur via Reddit

You know what I’d like to see? Some giant person 10X the size of the annoying girls in the background take them, dye them to look a cartoon character, and then sit there taking pictures of them. See how they like it. It’s not often I feel sympathy for a cat, but in this case I do. So unnecessary.


  1. this is photoshop!

  2. what caro said – chill.

  3. its photoshop, i would know lol.
    i made the damn picture. get over it LOL

  4. obviously photoshop. anyone getting upset over this picture is a ‘tard.

  5. TrangoMango says:

    LOL, no way dude, that is hilarious!

  6. I don’t know. Have you seen some of these dog grooming shows? They groom their dogs to look like another animal. Google it. It really is neat. I’m betting it’s a cat grooming contest. Very cool, I’d like to see what the other cats look like.

  7. I doubt its photo shopped guys they do this all the time over there. Have you not seen the “panda” dogs?

  8. This is not cool. Let’s say it’s not edited, still, the kitten didn’t want this.

  9. i taught pickachu is a RAT 😛

  10. Get over it cat are bitch n look like crap this one is the coolest xat in the worl, im sure he is happy

  11. You’re a moron. This is obviously a Photoshop job. Only 12 year olds would actually confuse that for a real-life fur dye job!

  12. Stupid girls, I’d like to seem coloured like that. I’d lynch them personally

  13. If it’s Photoshopped, then that’s cool.

    If they literally dyed a cat those colors (which now that I’m looking at it more, doesn’t seem to be likely), that’s mean, dude.

    I’m thinking it was done with Photoshop.

  14. Very cute kitten. But expecting some more photographs..


  15. Anybody with half a brain can tell it’s photoshopped.

  16. No, seriously. Its photoshop. calm down. look up pikachu cat on any website. every other image says its digitally altered.

  17. Oh thank god its photoshop!

  18. If it’s not shopped, then I’m sure it’s dye that is made specifically for animals (you can even find some at Petsmart) and that the cat isn’t like that 24/7. Probably just for occasionally shows, maybe even just the one.

    But it’s probably shopped.

  19. This is torture by ‘dog lovers’!!!


    NEVER SEEN THAT DONE TO A CAT!!! (to that extent anyway)

  20. i love this pics.i love cats and don t worry she didn t die just because thay put color on her.i put color on my hair every month and i still alive 🙂

  21. Who cares I it is photoshopped it is so friggin awesome and cute:)

  22. Who cares if it is photoshopped it is so friggin cute and looks awesome!!

  23. Come on, that is definitely photoshopped. Lets look at the evidence.
    Firstly, do those girls really look like they could manage to do that? If they were so artistic, they would have taken the picture in a nicer setting than a bathroom, not as a hurried snapshot on a camera phone, and probably not with themselves in the picture dressed quite scruffily. If they can’t tidy themselves up, they can’t do that to a cat.
    You can see bits around the edge at the tips of the fur that haven’t been coloured.
    You also couldn’t dye that close to its eyes, it’s fur does not go right up to its eyeballs. And it’s nose is not furry either.
    And based on the background lighting, and all of the other colours in the picture, the cat wouldn’t appear that bright. The colours in the cat are far too saturated to fit with the rest of the photo.
    If this is not enough to convince you, you’re extremely gullible beyond all help.

  24. SICK, SICK people. I can’t believe barely anyone cares about this ABUSE! x-(

  25. >:(

  26. You’re an idiot. It’s a Photoshop job. Fucking moron.

  27. Omg This Looks So C O O L I’ve The Cutest Panda poodle They Die Ihtt Black Nd White

  28. damn….it’s clearly photoshop….calm the funk down

  29. the cat doesnt care what it looks like..as long as its not chemically harmful, why not? N yea obvs if the girls saying she photoshopped this, its not real. relaaaxxx!

  30. Omg for all you people calling this for one photoshopped picture torture go hug a freakin tree!!! Animals don’t know whats going on they don’t think they remember go to school and learn something let the smart people have a laugh without you guys whining about it!

  31. I read other articles on this cat. They both stated that it was photoshopped. Get off your high horse.

  32. Who the hell cares? I’m both a cat, and a dog lover. But I do think it would be so epicly awesome to see a cat like this. Fuck all you tree huggin, bleeding heart animal protection extremists. If its not harming the animal, shut the hell up. I wish it was real, just to piss in your cereal. And yea, I hate people who are cruel to animal, but this doesn’t constitute “cruel” in my book.

  33. Anonymous says:

    At first, I thought this was real, and felt sorry for the kitten, cause kitty had such a sad expression. I didn’t want to believe someone had dyed their cat to look like a pikachu, and that maybe they had found some way to genetically engineer kitties to look like that (would be awesome, wouldn’t it?), so I looked into it. It’s photoshopped, so no kitties were harrassed or endangered in the making of this picture. That being said, pikachu kitty is cute.

  34. KittehPawz says:


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  37. Gulbahar says:

    First of, cats are humans great companion ( I don’t get why people compare dogs to cats). Second, it may be photoshop or it may not, posting things like this is givong weirdo’s idea’s (yes so many weirdo’s put there to the ugliest things to another being). With that being said, I don’t think it was nescessary calling animals, most humans are worser than any being, calling cat’s bitches maken you look like a bitch, just saying. 😁


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