Greatest photobomb ever?

greatest-photobomb-everImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Greatest photobomb ever.


  1. Wow this is clearly fake. We all stumbled here, so let’s thumbs down this garbage outta here.

  2. Pshopping does not count as a photobomb. And it is very clear it is pshopped, don’t even try to deny it. Plus I’m not entirely sure the seal pup depicted is indigenous to the South Pole (which is the only place one finds Emperor Penguins).

  3. godzilla complex says:

    AHAHAHAHAHA….. that can’t be real

  4. That one’s photoshopped. The best one is the squirrel and the couple.

    Google: Squirrel photobomb

  5. doesnt matter haters…its funny

  6. dear steven its a photobomb it’s suspose to be fake duh…

  7. AlucllorT says:

    Look closer man, its def not fake!
    I kno this place, i used to go fishin there!
    Those seals are a pain-in-the-ass attention whores!

  8. more like greatest photoshop ever… well, no, it’s not that, either.

  9. I just love this photo. Special Boat Service arrive in St. Georgia ahead of the main falklands invasion force…. How can you tell we were there?

  10. I’m going to ‘thumbs-up’ this just for all the people who have to scream SHOPPED at everything.

  11. It’s not photoshopped, but it is cropped.

    The original:

  12. even if it’s cropped, p-shopped or whatever, I still find it funny – thumbs up!

  13. You sure shut all the haters and “PHOTOSHOPPPPPPEEEEDDDDDD!!!!” dickheads up ROFL Good for you. I hate ppl that think they know everything.
    *cudos* on the pic!!! Its great!!

  14. Even if it is photoshopped, I still got a good laugh!

  15. Kim’s nailed it. Cropped and yes it’s all the more funny for it. First timer here, are the photos supposed to be real or does anything go?


  16. Anything goes. If it’s interesting/funny/compelling, we’ll post. Just here to entertain.

  17. Just because you have never had something like this happen to you does not mean it never happened to anyone else. Grow up.

  18. The Dalai Farmer says:

    Tee hee! And Katix, you are completely right!

  19. Glenn Hansen says:

    how did they get all of those penguins to stand so still? And some of them don’t have heads.

  20. SteveBarnSucks says:

    fuck you man, that shit is real

  21. QuilleFace says:

    God damn you guys suck. You probably tell kids santa’s fake too? Fucking enjoy it, it’s funny. Real or not.

  22. Bah, i was one of the people saying that it wasn’t photo shopped until i saw the un-cropped version that Kim linked. Look at the shadow on the seal, then look at the shadow on the rocks and penguins. They don’t match.
    I liked it better when i didn’t think it was. Now this picture is ruined =(

  23. Who cares if it’s photoshopped? It’s cute none the less. Stop being assholes. Just shut up, honestly.

  24. qwertyman says:

    whoa, that totally scared me for a moment.
    i thought that thing at the bottom of the pic was some kind of creepy alien life form.

  25. shopped

  26. I sure would hate to watch a fictional movie with all you “SHOPPED CALLERS!” Every 2 damn minutes “Oh that’s fake, oh that could never happen in real life, that’s photo-shopped.” Who cares, It’s FUNNY get over it!

  27. I cant help but think that all people look for is the bad in things? Its funny, it doesnt matter if its fake… just laugh and move along

  28. HI MOM!

  29. Who gives a f*ck if it’s real or not, it’s still hilarious!

  30. Ok it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s real, unless you’re the “It Has Been Photoshopped and Whoever Made This Should be Shunned” police.
    Nobody really cares. Its just a funny picture.
    Jeez, people these days just find the next best thing to complain about.

  31. lol

    you are that much of a loser that you go to ppls blogs, instead of pushing the fucking stumble button, you are gonna take the extra time and effort to just bitch.

    whyyy do ppl like you even exist? why cant i just stumble without having to read something and think, there really is that big of a deuche bag on this planet. times that by alot and there you go. a reason to reconsider a new approach to genocide. but seeing as im sure someone is gonna comment after this and say something completely unintelligent and stupid, maybe you can just save that effort and just kill yourself.

  32. The fact that its photoshopped takes all the originality and funniness out of the picture. The point of a photobomb is for it to be random and unplanned; this obviously is neither. Even the original picture before the crop isn’t real. So for those saying “grow up,” perhaps you are the ones who should mature a little and not laugh at every little thing they see on the internet. I can picture most of you as pre-teen boys and girls giggling at pictures like this that pop up. Its sad.

  33. Dobbs – I’m having a very difficult time wrapping my head around what you’re saying. First of all “The fact that it is photoshopped takes all the originality out of the picture”? That’s just backwards – constructing a composition, no matter if it’s in real life or digitally, is a is a creative task. It puts thought and planning into the picture, instead of just random luck.

    Sure, a photoshopped picture isn’t a “real photobomb” – but why does that matter? The caption states that this is a photobomb, but that doesn’t mean that you are obligated to enjoy it as such. It is still a cute, funny picture if you think for yourself and enjoy it for what it is.

    Finally, I do not in the least understand what’s supposed to be so immature about finding something funny. We all need to find humor and enjoyment in our lives, and over the years I’ve certainly found that those who can take the time to smile and enjoy life seem a lot more pleasant, nice and mature to me. They are certainly preferable to the people who show up to comment on almost every single picture on the internet to claim that it can’t be funny if it’s altered.

  34. we aint

  35. Aishah Bowron says:

    Best photoshop ping ever. I love the penguins

  36. Hehehe its still funny,, but i thought their going to take teh seal’s face

  37. It’s a testament to the Life we live-in ? Not only we humans have difficulties coping to ‘Lifes Complications’. They too had a hard time understanding it ? …… Life is all about Imperfections!

  38. JEANNE KELSEY says:

    How stupid do U think we are?

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